Thomas Dealtry





06:22 AM LBNE artdaq Components Revision c990e00a: bump version to v1_01_04
06:21 AM LBNE artdaq Components Revision 56d640ee: bump the lbne_raw_data version in
06:14 AM LBNE artdaq Components Revision 9f57a013: Bump version to v1_01_03
Print the Penn millislice checksum in the dump module
Fix the memcpy for calculating the penn microslice checksum
06:08 AM LBNE Raw Data Revision 3f337ff1: Bump to v1_03_02
Calculate the Penn millislice checksum & store it as a footer


06:28 AM LBNE DAQ Wiki edit: Starting_and_using_TDUControl (#21)


01:51 PM LBNE artdaq Components Revision 53ab490d: Remember to add the new Penn emulator files...
Also calculate penn microslice checksums in the emulator & boardreader... they don't agree but we haven't settled on ...
01:48 PM LBNE Raw Data Revision 429cfdb0: Add grabbing the checksum to PennMicroSlice::sampleTimeSplitAndCountTwice()
11:05 AM LBNE artdaq Components Revision dfd15c2e: Pick up Tim's RCE changes to allow the Penn emulator to use an xml-based config/command language
06:38 AM LBNE artdaq Components Revision 3f3253d4: Added instance name for metrics to get titles in Ganglia correct (Penn)
06:22 AM LBNERC Revision 2648f418: Changed the printout of to make it clearer whether the command failed

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