Andres Rivero





11:38 AM dcpower Milestone #9097: Cover off
The project is in repository, new changes to the models might affect the running in the share user. Some building nam...
11:34 AM dcpower Revision 901a8d75: deleted graphs from home page to speed up the loading time
11:27 AM dcpower Revision a86f4117: new functions in models that simulates a raw query for more complex data requests; adjusted the building templates to contain information per building about the experiments.


04:02 PM dcpower Revision 293f0e54: created new app for building; added new directores in templates to contain building templates and files; settings now includes building app; building/urls, views are ready to be modified
02:58 PM dcpower Revision 4860bbee: changes to main/models to perform queries in utc, therefore views can give the datetime in local time; main/views and main/urls contain 2 new links to a general building and experiments page; templates keep changing


03:41 PM dcpower Milestone #9096: User Interface
Some random graphs for CMS, LQCD, Grid, they are all hard coded
TODO: automate and modularize javascript functions...
03:29 PM dcpower Revision 6108cc87: Merge branch 'dev'
03:29 PM dcpower Revision aa7eba36: implement some ORM queries for monthly,daily,hourly queries plus others; base.html changed to include experimentes' urls; cms/lqcd/grid.html are now operation, few changes need to be made to automate the process of information collection;


11:50 AM dcpower Revision 3f4266d6: Merge branch 'dev'
11:50 AM dcpower Revision c47706b8: better structure to the applications; new app 'owner' for individual experiments

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