David Eads




10:40 AM E-Center Bug #1814: Fix display of embedded results in issues
Whoever takes over for me should probably contact me to discuss this one -- the pieces are in place to resolve this i...
10:38 AM E-Center Bug #1291: Funny crossing paths on the geo map
If E-Center continues with OpenLayer, this should probably be rejected unless feature collision detection in OL is im...
10:36 AM E-Center Feature #1846: circuit information on homepage
See the construction of the enhanced site centric view -- all that needs to happen is circuit data to be integrated i...
10:33 AM E-Center Bug #2426: Enhanced site-centric view
This is functional and can be seen at
The ticket is left open with two task...
10:27 AM E-Center Feature #1262: narrow down observed issue data through the posted network issue link
Unassigning myself. This would be cool if it can be done. It might be easier with a different architecture though.
10:26 AM E-Center Feature #771 (Closed): Circuits Mapping
10:25 AM E-Center Idea #1910 (Closed): What to do on geo-traceroute when only reverse traceroute available
Max and I discussed this a week or so ago. Closing -- this is rare, not a big deal, and hard to implement.
10:24 AM E-Center Feature #1182: Exchange Shibboleth metadata with partners
Bouncing to Max. Someone will need to join a Shib federation for Shib auth to be useful.
10:23 AM E-Center Feature #771 (Resolved): Circuits Mapping
If I understand this ticket correctly, it is done but needs further refinement.


03:54 PM E-Center Bug #2401 (Closed): Spurious (and slow) AJAX requests

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