Mariusz Witek





02:26 PM SeaQuest Decoding Revision 696c0f88: XMerge branch 'mariusz_dev' of ssh:// into mariusz_dev
02:21 PM SeaQuest Decoding Revision 8501625a: more comments and cleaned up


11:05 AM SeaScape Bug #6538: Correct tdcTime spectra
This is what comes of it. Pay no attention to the spill selector as I commented it out in the query.


02:23 PM SeaScape Idea #6605 (Assigned): Notes
Dhyaanesh and Mariusz have started working on implementing notes.
02:21 PM SeaScape Bug #6537 (Assigned): Memory consumption
I've started to look into this issue and have a few ideas in mind. I will begin working on this bug after the query b...
02:18 PM SeaScape Bug #6606 (Resolved): The issue with decimals
There is dynamical decimal handling with the new version. Any data with max value less than 100 will have 2 decimal p...


01:50 PM SeaScape Bug #6607: Multiplicity spectra
Picture which shows the highlighted problem area.


01:14 PM SeaScape Idea #6536 (Feedback): Link section
Please clarify what you mean about including a link section. Would you like to include a separate page where link and...
01:10 PM SeaScape Bug #6530 (Resolved): Hidden scalers in scaler list
The bottom of the list will no longer be cut off with the next version. Increased padding so the bottom of the list i...

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