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08:31 PM dunetpc Revision 274ccddf: Merge branch 'develop' of ssh:// into develop
08:17 PM dunetpc Revision 68c2690b: Check JJ's isOkay here too
07:40 PM dunetpc Revision f45442db: address clang warning


06:01 PM dunetpc Revision 6ce4f295: Merge branch 'develop' of ssh:// into develop
06:00 PM dunetpc Revision c5c59c5a: Add a check on JJ's fragment isOkay and discard the ones that aren't
05:55 PM dunetpc Revision ded53f9d: put in a check on JJ's validity


11:38 AM dune-raw-data Revision 5331917f: v1_17_34 for use with art v3_02_06
11:36 AM LBNE Raw Data Revision 5d0a0ed0: v1_04_35 for art v3_02_06
11:04 AM art Feature #22147: would like art::Event::getManyLabelsByType
Many thanks! We will give this a try at some point. Currently we are relying on knowing a priori what the tags are ...


05:09 PM SciSoft Feature #22642: Would like an initial version of a HighFive UPS product for DUNE use
A comment on the last of Brett's bullet points regarding skipping the HighFive UPS product. People debugging a progr...

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