Justin Vasel





09:00 AM NOvA-ART Revision 46976 (svn): Allow logins from both nova and nova-author users


08:32 AM NOvA-ART Revision 46215 (svn): Fix bug in identifying elastic scattering interactions, and add ability to distinguish between scattering on atomic electrons and free electrons. Clean up code structure. Add verbose output FCL option.


04:34 PM NOvA-ART Revision 45000 (svn): Fix a typo in variable that points to Trigger Monitoring db file.
12:09 PM NOvA-ART Revision 44987 (svn): Add routine to prune old log messages from Trigger Monitoring database


05:17 PM NOvA-ART Wiki edit: All_Things_macOS (#26)


05:16 AM NOvA-ART Revision 44729 (svn): FD switched to data-disk 4 last March... Also up the number of files to process per run


09:34 AM NOvA-ART Revision 43954 (svn): Add 'General Tutorials' category for tutorials that aren't associated with a specific event, and add Blessed Plots Pt 1 tutorial to that. There is also a handful of recently-added tutorials that hadn't been committed yet.
09:29 AM NOvA-ART Revision 43951 (svn): Catch exceptions gracefully when there are problems unpacking tar or zip files.
06:58 AM NOvA-ART Revision 43947 (svn): Add --no-check-certificate flag, which is causing wget to fail these days


04:39 PM NOvA-ART Revision 43705 (svn): Bug fix: FEB flasher finder alg would erroneously identify all hits that occurred before the end of the flashing in a given FEB, instead of identifying the hits that occured during the flashing. This had the desired effect of masking out hits associated with an FEB flash, but had the undesired effect of also masking off perfectly normal hits that occurred long before the flashing began. For the average flasher this effect is barely noticeable, but when huge showers deposit a ton of energy, it becomes significant.

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