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03:06 PM ArtDaq RunControl GUI Bug #24859 (Resolved): Disable configuration sorting
Works, tested on the Icarus cluster Runs 2378-2383.


08:34 PM artdaq Utilities Feature #24951 (New): Archive run_record_attempted
For runs that failed to start, backup the /tmp/run_record_attempted_* folder into another folder called something lik...


03:25 PM artdaq Support #24869 (New): artdaq_epics_plugin
Upgrade epics to v3_16_2 in artdaq_epics_plugin.
03:19 PM artdaq database Feature #23523 (Closed): Optimize Database Performance
Tested on mu2edaq11 using mongodb interface.
03:18 PM artdaq database Feature #24547 (Closed): Make compatible with Icarus CRT fhicl files.
Tested in the Icarus cluster.
03:16 PM artdaq Utilities Bug #24682 (Closed): Problems with run history record updates.
Tested on the Icarus cluster.
02:51 PM ArtDaq RunControl GUI Feature #24868 (New): Restart and reconnect RC GUI
Occasionally, the artdaq run control GUI crashes due to inexplicable VNC issues, and we completely lose access to the...
02:39 PM ArtDaq RunControl GUI Feature #24867 (New): Rerun with the same config
Add the ability to start a run with the same configuration as was used before in one of the previous N (say ~10 ) run...
11:45 AM ArtDaq RunControl GUI Feature #24863 (New): Message viewer
Add the ability of restarting the message viewer from the RC GUI.
11:44 AM ArtDaq RunControl GUI Feature #24862 (New): Dataflow configuration
As the number of board readers grows, it becomes impractical to be selecting them from the bordreader selection list....

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