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03:14 PM artdaq Utilities Revision 36a735b6 (database): Remove mongodb from LD_LIBRARY_PATH
03:13 PM artdaq Utilities Revision 31e60d0e (database): Convert to ASCII
03:10 PM artdaq Utilities Bug #25586 (New): Upgrade to Python 3
Make artdaq_database python3 compatible.


03:36 PM artdaq Utilities Feature #25565 (Reviewed): DAQInterface should allow overriding the number of launch checks
Branch feature/25565_ConfigurableLaunchChecks was tested on the DAB cluster with the with the "max_launch_checks: 11...
02:49 PM artdaq Wiki edit: Artdaq_repository_branches (#890)
02:47 PM artdaq Bug #25441 (Reviewed): TransferWrapper Warning message spam
Branch bugfix/25441_TransferWrapper_TimeoutMessages was tested on the SBN-ND cluster with the ASCII fragment generato...
08:47 PM artdaq Wiki edit: Artdaq_repository_branches (#889)
08:45 PM artdaq Demo Bug #25422 (Reviewed): Fix ASCII simulator throttle paramter
Branch bugfix/25422_AsciiSimulator_FixThrottle was tested on the SBN-ND cluster.
Setting the throttle_usecs paramete...
06:20 PM artdaq Demo Revision 6dc7d4b7: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into bugfix/25422_AsciiSimulator_FixThrottle
06:05 PM artdaq Revision b9b7191d: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into bugfix/25441_TransferWrapper_TimeoutMessages

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