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03:32 PM gm2tracker Revision 3969b191: Fix tiny Geane tracking bug with misalignment of target planes.


01:22 PM gm2analyses Revision d333ea6b: Tracker Ntuple: remove unnecessary coord transforms and fix error calculation


09:13 PM gm2tracker Revision 2ba7864b: Modify TrackCandCaloT0 module to take time shift as fcl parameter


10:21 AM gm2tracker Revision ed006001: Extrapolation plots: Fix small bug in uncertainty calculation and update some plot binning


02:13 PM gm2tracker Revision 07283a5b: Add module that can be used to correct a bug we had in the calculation of extrapolated uncertainties during run 1 production.
02:05 PM gm2tracker Revision 9c2856a0: Add analyzer module that uses GEANE for extrapolation, changing the starting angle and checking that result is the same
02:04 PM gm2tracker Revision d47b05cc: Add analyzer to compare different extrapolation techniques.
01:58 PM artg4 Revision 9a225703: Add option to gm2GeaneSurfaceTrajState constructor from FreeTrajState to switch off flipping of angles in backwards extrapolation. I think flipping is the wrong thing to do but the default behaviour is as before.
01:51 PM artg4 Revision 3bd65355: Fix small bug in constructor of gm2GeaneFreeTrajState from Surface state where momentum calculation was incorrect. This is not used in default reconstruction code.


11:34 AM gm2tracker Revision bb9666c3: Fix corner case bug in TrackExtrapolation where leaving storage ring did not cause failure mode.

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