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01:17 PM dunetpc Task #23726 (Work in progress): Dataprep update
I start with the bad channels. The 17 bad channels show at the Nov 27 DRA meeting (
01:06 PM dunetpc Task #23726 (Work in progress): Dataprep update
Dataprep run in production has not kept up with some of the changes I have been using in my studies and I would like ...
06:26 AM dunetpc Task #23702 (Closed): dunetpc v08_37_00
All builds are installed.


04:50 PM dunetpc Task #23702: dunetpc v08_37_00
The gcc builds (slf6 and slf7) are installed.
01:15 PM dunetpc Task #23702: dunetpc v08_37_00
Tag is made and builds started.
01:13 PM dunetpc Revision 747741e7: Merge tag 'v08_37_00' into develop
Ended_flow_for_dunetpc_v08_37_00 v08_37_00
01:13 PM dunetpc Revision 11589bdc: Merge branch 'release/v08_37_00'
01:13 PM dunetpc Revision 5a2cee05: Set_package_version_to_v08_37_00
09:50 AM dunetpc Task #23702 (Work in progress): dunetpc v08_37_00
Test build is underway. This week slf7 on build02 to prepare for upcoming transition.


05:29 PM dunetpc Bug #23671: PdspNoiseRemoval crashes with long time windows
This is run 6509 which has the correct readout time if I grep readout_window in samweb get-metadata.
Maybe my conf...

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