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04:02 PM artdaq Feature #22532: Add acknowledgements to Request protocol
RequestSender_t was working as expected.
I found the problem... I needed to merge bugfix/22267_RoundRobin_MinPart...
03:28 PM artdaq Revision df18c8cc: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bugfix/22267_RoundRobin_MinParticipantsFix' into working/22535_protoDFO_pduneHacks
12:25 PM artdaq Feature #22810 (New): It would be helpful for FragmentGenerators to have access to Requests
Currently, the data requests that are received by BoardReaders are handled by core BR code (in CommandableFragmentGen...
10:18 AM dune-artdaq Revision 85378b33: Merged the latest self-trigger with my local code.
09:58 AM dune-artdaq Revision 06a7ac2d: Added the TC BR, trigger algs, omitted problem channels in hit-finding, and added utilites for ptmp socket setup


06:07 PM artdaq Utilities Revision ced5b2e1 (daqinterface): JCF: this code successfully recreates bookkeeping (modulo running on partition 9) of v3_00_06t_dfotest and v3_00_06t runs on the ProtoDUNE cluster: 1001763 <-> 8388, 1001765 <-> 8396, 1001766 <-> 8475
05:54 PM artdaq Utilities Revision cdb0007d (daqinterface): JCF: fix bug which crept into my refactoring of Kurt's code where I wasn't looking for binaryNetOutput tables in the EventBuilders of parent subsystems when bookkeeping sender ranks
05:35 PM artdaq Utilities Revision 0a2f7fdb (daqinterface): JCF: fix bug where DFO bookkeeping substitutions were being skipped since DFOs, as EventBuilders, already had substitutions made in an if-elif-elif block
04:35 PM artdaq Utilities Revision c0c326eb (daqinterface): Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/working/22535_protoDFO_testing' into feature/dfo_work
04:30 PM artdaq Utilities Revision d1cca2b7 (daqinterface): JCF: add a check to ensure that you don't find a RoutingMaster in a subsystem which has a parent subsystem containing a DFO

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