Jeremy Hewes





05:23 PM NOvA-ART Revision 36932 (svn): Fixed plotting bug for individual shifts for background spectra in NusSystsMaker.


06:58 PM NOvA-ART Revision 36878 (svn): Renamed NusSystsMaker to SystMaker, and added in the ability to produce nue and numu-style systematics. Also added a macro to make the systematic ratios for the CC analyses, and a shell script to submit them to the grid.


05:50 AM NOvA-ART Revision 36778 (svn): Updates to Kaon systematic making macro, and added associated grid submission script and plotting macro


10:48 AM NOvA-ART Revision 36775 (svn): Added a macro to make only the Kaon systematic for the NC FHC analysis. Also added a new function to Nus19FHC utilities header to return a covariance matrix with all systematics added up, and made a very minor syntax correction to the NusSystsMaker header.


05:26 PM NOvA-ART Revision 36761 (svn): Added missing header include to CovMxManager.h
05:25 PM NOvA-ART Revision 36760 (svn): Added covariance matrix tutorial macros


10:54 AM NOvA-ART Revision 36736 (svn): Mopping up one final missing include in an NC utilities header
10:33 AM NOvA-ART Revision 36735 (svn): Added in a couple more missing includes left over after the branch merge
10:12 AM NOvA-ART Revision 36734 (svn): Removed vestigial includes for PredictionConcat.h which got reintroduced during the branch merge.
09:23 AM NOvA-ART Revision 36733 (svn): Regular merge of NC development branch into trunk. Many small changes to NC-specific code, and also moved Sample.cxx/h from Analysis to Core so it can be used by classes earlier in the build order without introducing a circular dependency.

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