Gianluca Petrillo





04:32 PM LArSoft Feature #23133 (Closed): Commit e-mail subject with branch information
Please consider adding to the subject of the e-mails sent by Redmine/GIT the name of the branch, so that it can be di...


10:14 AM ICARUS LArSoft Revision 3197e167: Enabled the mapped photon library by default also for cosmic ray generation.


02:52 PM LArSoft Necessary Maintenance #20029: SimpleBoundary() should be moved from DetectorProperties to LArProperties
I am not the expert of this simulation, but my understanding is that @SimpleBoundary()@ is the handle for an option.


06:46 PM LArSoft Bug #23013: Unable to read recob::Vertex position information
For reference, I attach and copy the output obtained with @dunetpc@ @v07_06_02@ (@e17:prof@):...
06:41 PM LArSoft Bug #23013: Unable to read recob::Vertex position information
I suspect the issue is deeper than that, %{color: green}Chris%.
Steps to reproduce:...


04:07 PM LArSoft Necessary Maintenance #19413: Hard-coded scintillation photon energy
Where the scintillation spectrum is stored is not really relevant, as long as it is C++-accessible.
Before refactori...
02:48 PM art_root_io Bug #23075 (Resolved): TFileDirectory::makeAndRegister(std::string, ...): couldn't deduce template parameter ‘T’
The implementation of <code class="cpp">TFileDirectory::makeAndRegister(std::string const& name, std::string const& t...
09:02 PM LArCoreAlg Revision 4945248a: Fix error reported by Clang.
08:38 PM LArCoreAlg Revision 5928b082: Bug fix: `util::dereference()` was copying the dereferenced value.
Unit test added to spot a regression.


11:58 AM LArSoft Bug #23013: Unable to read recob::Vertex position information
Can you detail what is MCC11 in terms of LArSoft/@dunetpc@ version, the qualifiers you are using (just in case) and p...

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