Gianluca Petrillo





08:19 PM LArSim Revision ab7f3226: `gensingle_test.fcl`: removed unnecessary services.
08:12 PM LArCore Revision 00c125ad: `lar::providerFrom()` now asks art for constant service classes.
This is the new trend. Maybe it's time to write a real art service unit test instead of a art mockup. Not today though.
07:57 PM LArCoreAlg Revision bd5792a3: Undeprecating `geo::CryostatGeo::TPCs()`. But it's still deprecated.


05:03 PM LArSoft Bug #22431 (New): Inconsistent location of wire plane reported by TPCGeo
Let's see if I can break a record here.
Premise: GEANT4 deals with volumes, and the wire plane is in fact not a ge...


09:11 PM LArEventDisplay Revision 62682233: Why did I even think of adding `--all` to my push??
Revert "Replacing deprecated call to `geo::CryostatGeo::TPCs()`."
It needs to wait until next release.
This reverts ...
09:07 PM LArEventDisplay Revision fb00f00d: Replacing deprecated call to `geo::CryostatGeo::TPCs()`.
07:44 PM lar_ci Bug #22423 (New): Option --scan-revisions did not work so well
My working area was, with content in @src...


05:58 PM LArSim Revision 1e4cef21: Refreshed LArG4 code.
Changes include using more recent geometry features, geometry data containers, geometry IDs, and LArSoft vectors.
05:45 PM ICARUS LArSoft Revision 19b12b47: Gallery C.I. test: set up cmake only if none is present.
04:39 PM LArCoreObj Revision 937fd0c9: Added element level information to geometry and readout IDs.
For example, cryostat level is 0, TPC is 2, plane is 2 and so forth.

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