Gianluca Petrillo





11:31 PM ICARUS production Wiki edit: Simulation_production_November_2018 (#3)


08:35 PM LArSoft Bug #21394: Bug in Fiducial Volume Definition in Larsim
As a reminder for the people involved, the @MCReco@ algorithms are known[1] to have been written in detector-specific...


10:18 AM ICARUS production Wiki edit: List_of_requests (#14)


06:30 PM ICARUS LArSoft Revision 10eb41bc: Alternative solution for Clang 5: remove `constexpr`
06:30 PM ICARUS LArSoft Revision aecacc7b: Revert "Small change to enable compile on osx"
This reverts commit 2f077df6c3d843f9b20171e99d3993c391a77d66.
06:30 PM ICARUS LArSoft Revision 63905f9a: Revert "Yes, a type can be very useful for the compiler though it C++ employed AI then it would simply know."
This reverts commit d9e6e9be15c4c54beed05e7531e82af1e0671d42.
06:30 PM ICARUS LArSoft Revision abbd940d: Revert "sigh... what can I say... its early"
This reverts commit 94382a4e2a4d89b241ec21940fea39f3e3e8d46d.
06:30 PM ICARUS LArSoft Revision 9528e460: Revert "Ok, fix a similar but different compilation error... (same header file but this time preserve the "static constexpr")"
This reverts commit 227230839ca9013d77e59822ad9aa329c2e6e511.
06:30 PM ICARUS LArSoft Revision 2cebf4d0: Revert "Random walk finally converges to something that builds"
This reverts commit e53cad51ea0d7d6341327c236532172f8cc046a2.
06:30 PM ICARUS LArSoft Revision 5d06c4af: ... and removing the non-validated configuration from SimPMTIcarus module

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