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05:18 PM dune-artdaq Revision 54f01714: JCF: bump version of artdaq_mpich_plugin in to v1_00_04; with this change you can install dune-artdaq off on the cluster and run it immediately (see, e.g., run 7632)
04:03 PM artdaq Revision 169f03ba (core): JCF: at Alessandro Thea's request, disable Doxygen in builds
03:59 PM artdaq Utilities Revision e8833276 (mpich-plugin): JCF: at Alessandro Thea's request, disable Doxygen in builds
03:57 PM artdaq Revision 9b67b5e0: JCF: at Alessandro Thea's request, disable Doxygen in builds
10:30 AM artdaq Utilities Feature #22255 (Resolved): The use of a RoutingMaster in an artdaq system with subsystems seems to need special handling for the BinaryNetOutput(s)
Issue is ready for review.
I consider this issue to be resolved with commit 3a972492fbe2bb0918e4998e7e6622f931e6b...


02:03 PM artdaq Utilities Feature #22388 (New): DAQInterface should allow for a child subsystem to have more than one parent subsystem
Right now, DAQInterface bookkeeping is set up so that a given subsystem can only have one parent subsystem. This requ...


07:32 PM artdaq Utilities Feature #22258 (Resolved): have daqinterface support the specification of cores on which the various artdaq processes can run
I consider this issue resolved. At the now-head of feature/issue22258_specify_cores, f4e8d7180e9e6bc1efdb0f54713c1e2c...


07:19 PM artdaq Utilities Idea #22137 (Reviewed): Can the ProtoDUNE variant of DAQInterface be absorbed into standard DAQInterface?
Merged feature/issue22137_daqinterface_usable_for_protodune into develop s.t. the new head of develop is at cc97796c7...
07:02 PM artdaq Utilities Revision cc97796c (daqinterface): Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/feature/issue22137_daqinterface_usable_for_protodune' into develop


06:55 PM artdaq Utilities Idea #22372: daqinterface - can it check, before start, for stale sharedmemory segments for the appropriate partition?
That would definitely be useful. The key there - no pun intended - is that DAQInterface would need to know what share...

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