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10:48 AM glideinWMS Feature #20901: Run a shell linter on bash scripts and add unit tests
Temporary reassignment, to provide suggestions about linting bash.
Ticket completion will include also a script to...
10:45 AM glideinWMS Feature #12838 (Closed): Provide flexible mechanism for custom scripts to log information that can be brought back along with the other condor logs
The requirement evolved in providing a better solution in #23117, Additional logging channel
And in #23136, Add an ...
10:41 AM glideinWMS Feature #23136 (New): Add an attribute to save the logging channel content in the Glidein stderr
A Glidein logging channel allows and other scripts to add strings or files to a logging channel, s...
10:12 AM glideinWMS Support #22413: Possible wrong SEC_DEFAULT_AUTHENTICATION_METHODS line in the condor config for the frontend
Dennis, sonce you are fixing the authentication for HTCondor 8.9 could you look also at this?
10:10 AM glideinWMS Wiki edit: RoadmapSummary (#7)
10:07 AM glideinWMS Wiki edit: RoadmapSummary (#6)
10:02 AM glideinWMS Support #23080 (Closed): Add to the website a compatibility policy
10:02 AM glideinWMS Bug #23066 (Closed): Fixing chkconfig lines on proxy renewal (SOFTWARE-3758)
10:02 AM glideinWMS Feature #23011 (Closed): Add always --contain to the Singularity invocation and update wrapper adding improvement in the OSG one
10:02 AM glideinWMS Support #22999 (Closed): Make Factory compatible w/ older 3.4 Frontends - Revert back to send REQUIRE_VOMS/REQUIRE_GLEXEC_USE attributes as strings

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