Erik Blaufuss





03:23 PM LBNERC Revision f28c1459: Add a guard to prevent large number of RCreporter/RCE messages from flooding DB.
ArtDAQ has limited control of these, and these are drowning things


08:52 AM LBNERC Revision cc0e4961: Fix hvcryo_dict: upper case names now only.
Add a sleep of 2 sec after discovery of a new file, prevent a race condition with file writer on other end of NAS link


02:34 PM LBNERC Revision 7d166b1a: Make sure dbserv gets a "t" value. Otherwise it gets cranky


01:49 PM LBNE DAQ Wiki edit: Running_DAQ_Interface (#203)
01:46 PM LBNE DAQ Wiki edit: Running_DAQ_Interface (#202)
01:29 PM LBNE DAQ Wiki edit: Running_DAQ_Interface (#201)
01:11 PM LBNERC Revision 2c1c720e: Add 2 new temps from Alan
Also, make sure tags are always .upper()


01:24 PM LBNERC Bug #5858 (Closed): dbserv not happy when "t" is not included in moni message sent it's way
This has been addressed in dbserv. Now in a try loop.
01:20 PM LBNERC Feature #11032 (Closed): lbnecmd adddaqcomps, removedaqcomps?
This has been added as requested to lbnecmd
listdaqcomps # Get a list of available DAQ components
01:18 PM LBNERC Revision 28ef8c75: Add new daqcomplist tools: add and rm elements, with tests.
Addresses redmine #11032

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