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09:52 PM Framework Build Instructions Revision f17be952 (vecgeom-ssi-build): Updates to vecgeom v01_01_05


11:37 AM LArSoft Task #17946: setting up and running LArSoft on laptop (or elsewhere)
With some help from Gianlucca, I used pullProducts script to install dune-06.52.00-Darwin64bit+14-e14-debug on my lap...
11:29 AM LArSoft Task #17947: Profiling LArSoft
Since Soon has posted LArSoft profiling results <a href="">here</a>, I could use th...


11:40 AM LArSoft Task #17950 (Assigned): Preliminary vectorization tests and evaluation
11:39 AM LArSoft Task #17950 (Assigned): Preliminary vectorization tests and evaluation
Preliminary vectorization of specific algorithms, based on local variables
- introduce VecCore into build system
- ...
11:15 AM LArSoft Task #17948 (Assigned): Investigate potential areas where vectorization may be applied in LArSoft code
- Ask for specific packages / directories for vectorization candidates
- Changes to code -> build -> run it with dat...
11:12 AM LArSoft Task #17947 (Assigned): Profiling LArSoft
Check with Gianluca and Soon on how to profile LArSoft


03:46 PM g4hpcbenchmarks Revision 1600368b: Merge branch 'use-g4.9.6.p02'
03:14 PM g4hpcbenchmarks Revision beb9ba49: Using calculated stepLength rather than hardcoded one.
02:45 PM g4hpcbenchmarks Revision 8ace989e: Upgrading to Geant4.9.6.p02

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