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01:33 PM SSPPropertyPass Revision 411fb00f (ssppropertypass): - Feature #24801 (Feedback): Property Pass Changes are not always listed in the notification
- Bug #25494 (Feedback): Shared Property Pass Management: "Cancel Addition" button should be protected as transaction...


02:47 PM Facilities Integration 1.25 hour (Support #24287 (New): Meetings and Discussions)
Meeting, slides, and communication
02:26 PM Facilities Integration Meeting Summary for 04/20/2021
** Please take a look at the FIT Wiki and update or let the group know if anything should be added or modified!


02:01 PM Facilities Integration 0.50 hour (Support #24287 (New): Meetings and Discussions)
FIT Meeting and Documentation
01:48 PM Facilities Integration Meeting Summary for 03/23/2021
*Software and Systems-Related Initiatives:*
Albert Eiffes:
* FESS Web Page
* Org Chart
* Engineering Task Req...


10:39 AM RWP 0.50 hour (Bug #25614 (New): Documentation, Meetings, and Review)
Reviewed emails from Elliot regarding the latest changes to phpMyEdit.class.php, reviewed database access and documen...
10:38 AM RWP Bug #25614 (New): Documentation, Meetings, and Review
10:37 AM RWP Support #24883 (Closed): Install software required to connect to MariaDB Databases and Test
10:37 AM RWP Bug #25456 (Closed): Repair issue with certain enclosures not allowing the rescind email to function correctly.
10:37 AM RWP Bug #25458 (Resolved): Production server not functioning properly.

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