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11:53 AM gm2analyses Revision e92e4459: Worked on TR correlation stuff, and made new folders for various versions of the respective code.


03:00 PM gm2analyses Revision 9549690a: Added a couple other pileup rate plotter modules.
02:58 PM gm2analyses Revision 09b3d1de: Improvements to various plotting modules, including plotting vs ADT scans in the pileup paramter plotter.
02:56 PM gm2analyses Revision 46a0fb39: Fixed bug in ratio macro where the pileup multiplier wasn't being applied to the pileup error histograms, very small effect, put in code in all the fitting classes that allows for fitting with t-t0, changed the default five parameter fit limits to those I've been using the last while with larger limits for fitting the energy bins.
02:52 PM gm2analyses Revision b216447e: Added per run group fits to hist making, made some improvements to dealing with triple pileup though it's not fully working yet, fixed a bug in the ADT application, put in some currently commented out code in the pileup utils for how to assign times for pileup pulses.


05:29 PM gm2analyses Revision fc270eea: Added macro which subtracts two root files in order to compare the histograms between them and check if any are non-zero. This macro is for comparing outputs before and after changes as a verification procedure.
03:54 PM gm2analyses Revision cc0898d3: Adding various plotting modules, including the energyBinnedPlots macro which I forgot to add as well as the gm2Style.h header file.
03:50 PM gm2analyses Revision f3575494: Changes to various plotting modules to correspond to new code, make smarter checks so seg faults don't occur, etc.
03:48 PM gm2analyses Revision 106da2d0: Put in code to change fit end times adaptively based on the number of statistics in different iterations, for energy binned fits. Changed default parameter limits in all 4 fitting header files in order to open up the limits for energy binned fits.


03:16 PM gm2analyses Revision b189becb: Small updates to toyCreateTimeEnergyTH2.C to get it compiling.

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