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05:58 PM gm2analyses Revision bf1ffe7c: Merge branch 'feature/FosterAnalyses' of ssh:// into feature/FosterAnalyses
05:57 PM gm2analyses Revision 907a97b1: Removed indices and storing of xtal params since the gain scaling has been moved out of the module.
05:47 PM gm2analyses Revision b653e392: Added IFG gain scaler module, pulled out associated code in main histogram maker.


03:27 PM gm2analyses Revision b4195076: Finished porting advanced lost muon histogram maker into art.
02:00 PM gm2analyses Revision 1c10750f: Started work on transporting advanced lost muon histogram maker into art.
10:05 AM gm2analyses Revision 7e000401: Cleaned up directory structure of basic lost muons histogram maker, added in iteration number.
09:45 AM gm2analyses Revision 401b76be: Commented out gain stuff in bu hists maker and added commented code in order to be able to run over Run 1 datasets - still need to remove gain stuff entirely. Put in commented lines in the fcl file for adjusting the gain with Aaron's gain corrector scaler module, still need to test it out more though.


05:22 PM gm2analyses Revision a2c93fc6: Separated out pileup making into its own art module, made associated fcl file, and made relevant changes to various modules.
11:29 AM gm2analyses Revision 39a34786: Moved time between hits histos out of pileup folders, and changed names of histograms to remove specific calo number or added string to make grabbing them later on easier.
10:52 AM gm2analyses Revision bd3a9114: Implemented common fcl params file.

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