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02:30 PM gm2analyses Revision 2012bcd5: Added new macro to calculated correlated error in dataset combination.


05:36 PM gm2analyses Revision 897d863c: Added new IFG lifetime plotter, made updates to various plotting macros including the pileup parameters scan.


11:37 AM gm2analyses Revision 351a7608: Added new fits to in fill gain crystals plotter module, updated Toy MC randomization comparison code, along with varying grid scripts.


05:23 PM gm2analyses Revision d6148103: Many updates to various plotting modules, including combined dataset plots.


01:52 PM gm2analyses Revision b41d48fe: Made new dataset comparison plotters.


05:36 PM gm2analyses Revision bbeff774: Added new plotters folder for comparison plot macros and lost muon comparison plotter.
01:52 PM gm2analyses Revision c111ee2b: Put in check in ratioMacro to use old lost muons histograms if scanning over bin width, made some small updates to T Method and R Method fits when modifying the CBO envelope, and small updates to ratio Analysis config.
01:48 PM gm2analyses Revision 8b821142: Updates to various plotting macros including lots of changes to energy threshold scan.
01:40 PM gm2analyses Revision 510d9e89: Added in code for bin width scanning using separate random number generators as getting and setting the seed does not seem to work - by default the code is commented out.


12:27 PM gm2analyses Revision 4c5ebcb7: Updates to in fill gain crystals plotting macro.

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