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05:48 PM gm2analyses Revision ec6bda10: Working on perCaloPlots.C macro to make plots in a better way.
04:50 PM gm2analyses Revision ea5dacfe: Renamed ratioPlots.hh -> residualPlots.hh and made associated changes in ratioMacro.C and some toy mc files - note the toy mc files were not tested after changes.
04:25 PM gm2analyses Revision 02a4a17d: Moved per calorimeter plots to a new macro perCaloPlots.C from ratioPlots.hh, and deleted relevant code in ratioMacro.C and the individual fitter header files. Also cleaned up ratioMacro.C a bit.
03:24 PM gm2analyses Revision 1c9f0dde: Removed unused fit structs.
02:47 PM gm2analyses Revision 19a23454: Modifying errors due to pileup for histograms now too.
02:13 PM gm2analyses Revision 8cb858ad: Fixed hist name to remove mem leak warning.
02:00 PM gm2analyses Revision 438e47fb: Added per calo T method fits.
01:13 PM gm2analyses Revision ce881138: Change in marker size for modulo plots - need to make some other changes in order to save canvases properly outside the t browser.
01:12 PM gm2analyses Revision dab658a1: Changed fit start scan to deal with fit parameters in a better way and reduce lines of code - might want to do this for other appropriate macros.


04:52 PM gm2analyses Revision a825a7e8: More work on T method fit class - done except for lost muons, still need to apply correct pileup errors, fit individual calos, and add new parameter plots. Might have to reinstate Acbo terms for individual calos down the line as I took all that out to simplify the class to start.

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