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02:12 PM gm2analyses Revision 2879430c: Small changes, removed commented out old tracker model code.
12:32 PM gm2analyses Revision 45e721dd: Checked some plotters and only needed one change to fix a seg fault so far - not all plotters checked.
12:14 PM gm2analyses Revision f93ce0e7: Changed ratioCBOFit class to fullRatioFit and similarly for the function name. Made associated changes in many plots. There will be seg faults almost certainly for plotting modules which I can't easily test but I can fix those later.
11:18 AM gm2analyses Revision 0377be6f: Renamed ratioFit class to threeParameterRatioFit, and adjusted function name and associated plotting code.
10:49 AM gm2analyses Revision 716661c9: Small updates to analysis config, commit before changing names of various functions and files to clean things up.
09:51 AM gm2analyses Revision 381a5e34: Updates and work to various ToyMC VW macros.
09:49 AM gm2analyses Revision a8c380ee: Updated ratioCBOFit and TmethodFit classes with all parameters fixable/scannable, updated ratio analysis config with endgame numbers and input last fit string.
09:46 AM gm2analyses Revision ab28a026: Moved ignoreCalos size chck to top of ratioMacro, updated residualPlots with fix to number of bins for graph fits and some plotting improvements.


10:03 AM gm2analyses Revision 068894d4: Merge branch 'run1_2019' of ssh:// into feature/KinnairdAnalyses
09:59 AM gm2analyses Revision 9bee346a: Forgot to include a file in last commit.

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