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03:42 PM ICARUS LArSoft Revision b3125f6b: Starting the process of modifying to be used with the 2D simulation (meaning this needs to output more than just a SimChannel)
03:41 PM ICARUS LArSoft Revision 01f192cb: Adding 2D response tool
03:41 PM ICARUS LArSoft Revision 29269d49: Small modifications to allow for use with the 2D simulation where there is no field response (since it is baked into the simulation)
03:40 PM ICARUS LArSoft Revision e94101ac: This handles the TPC simulation for the case of using a sim Waveform object in place of SimChannel
03:40 PM ICARUS LArSoft Revision da0a9ea5: Import first iteration of tool to handle 2D responses
03:10 PM LArDataObj Revision 4603f896: Fix test on input number electrons so allow "negative number of electrons"
03:09 PM LArDataObj Revision 24b2bd1a: Add a new sim output object which is meant to provide the ability to output a simulated waveform (in sparse vector format)
03:08 PM LArSim Revision 3ed0765d: Move to scheme where we output a simulation waveform and not try to hack at SimChannel. The waveform looks strikingly similar to Wire.h... Revamp the drift tool scheme so they declare the output data products and handle them internally. This allows the "standard" drift simulation to run the way it did previously, the 2D simulation to also output the simulated waveform.


02:58 PM LArSim Revision abe5702f: Aha! Once you guesstimate the right offset for the tables then everything works! The next step will be to add the loop over neighboring wires which will then implement the 2D effects.
10:11 AM ICARUS LArSoft Wiki edit: ReleaseNotes080701 (#2)

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