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11:43 AM cet-is Feature #24919 (Under Discussion): add in the RootOutput module a print statement for listing the names and the trigger bits of the paths specified in the SelecEvents field
I think it would be extremely convenient to add in the RootOutput module a print statement that makes clear which pat...
11:28 AM cet-is Feature #24918 (Under Discussion): make "trigger_paths" a non-dense array
In the recent release of art, we now can set the trigger bits of each given path, BUT the bits sequence has to be con...


02:33 PM art Bug #24821: Trigger bits assignment still incorrect
Hi Kyle,
No problem! I would prefer the paths to be listed by bit number (non alphabetically). I think it's not ur...
09:42 AM art Bug #24821 (Closed): Trigger bits assignment still incorrect
I'm a Mu2e user who recently tried to exploit the use of the new feature provided in art v3_06_02 that allows ...


10:53 AM DAQ Wiki edit: Mu2e_trigger_system_demo (#2)
10:47 AM DAQ Wiki edit: Mu2e_sync_demo (#255)


11:33 PM Mu2e Offline Revision b86061d4: added cut on the area defined by the triplet
11:32 PM Mu2e Offline Revision 27299bf5: added cut on the maximum z of the seed-hit used in the calHelixFinderAlg
11:31 PM Mu2e Offline Revision 7cbabafd: fixed constructor of the TriggerResultsNavigator class
09:51 PM Mu2e Offline Revision 03937c33: changed configuration of the RobustHelixFit when used in the trigger sequences. Default for the Oflline don't change.

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