Donovan Tooke





05:03 PM Elog Support #18891 (New): wiki article for searching
I have an idea that would be useful to all users. It would be helpful to have a wiki article that offered help with t...


06:21 PM Elog Idea #14662: Search feature
As a personal preference, I am not a fan of most recent activity at the top. Especially since I use the log book mor...


12:24 PM Elog Milestone #14668 (Closed): AD elog
On Wednesday, Beau explained to me that this is an Accelerator Division elog and not an Operations Dept elog. Everyth...


04:13 PM Elog Idea #14662 (Feedback): Search feature
I kinda miss the feature of the search bar always being visible instead having to scroll to the top of the screen.
02:07 PM Elog Bug #14658 (Closed): Reverse search order
When searching for participants, the list will show up in a descending order (Z-A)
02:05 PM Elog Feature #14657 (Feedback): Multiple selection
Can there be a feature to select multiple logs, categories, and participants? Instead of scrolling and selecting 1 at...
02:03 PM Elog Feature #14656 (Closed): Default Log for notes
Is there a way for the user to have a default elog to make notes instead of choosing everytime?
02:02 PM Elog Feature #14655 (Closed): Highlight Shift Change
Can shift change notes be highlighted again?


12:54 AM Elog Idea #7074: Accelerator Status Update
This definitely would be a great tool to have. Experimenters and Experts would find this beneficial. We as OPS someti...


01:22 AM Elog Idea #6708 (Rejected): Hot Item Book (HIB) Link
I think it would be a great idea to put a link of the Hot Item Book to the top of the new Elog.

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