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09:45 AM Elog Feature #14678 (New): Optional side bar for filter and display options
Here is kind of examples with user deciding wether or not the side bar is visible.
09:40 AM Elog Feature #14676 (Feedback): blanked out area on two sides
This blanked out area does not make much sense. Please let user decide how wide he/she wants the browser window to b...


10:59 AM Elog Feature #14667 (Closed): About more..
The new "more" appears to be very distracting, while the old "more" is much to the point and much faster.


08:48 AM Elog Bug #14608 (Closed): Users selection list
The list of users on the left side bar is very limited and there is no way to select any others not on the list.


05:41 PM Elog Bug #11867 (Closed): Figure title
Currently, title for each figure are truncated at about 8 characters. This does not allow for much information, even ...


08:14 AM Elog Feature #7509 (Assigned): image scroll bar
When an image is disproportionally long could it be possible to provide a scroll bar, so that the image needs not be ...


02:26 PM Elog Idea #6896 (Closed): Collapsible content
For information that is long and tedious in detail, and of interested only for specialized few, the collapsible conte...
02:14 PM Elog Feature #6895 (Assigned): entry link
The entry link feature supported by elog is either limiting the scope to the target entry only, or changing to day sc...


02:09 PM Elog Feature #4802 (Closed): entry link
Can there be an option to just copy the entry link, instead of having to e-mail the link to myself?


04:46 PM Elog Feature #4660 (Closed): Standard thumbnail size should be in the vertical dimension
There are many reason to argue that the standard thumbnail size should be in the vertical dimension, instead of the h...

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