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09:01 AM Elog Bug #21186 (New): can't make entries
CNS6, no text window appears. tried clearing cache, no va.
Help us Kyle Hazelwood, you're our only hope.


10:11 PM Elog Feature #14669 (Closed): selecting log when adding entyr
I type Operations into the bar, and still have to go and click on the one from a list. Even when I have operations se...


05:05 PM Elog Idea #14604: Banners
Plus, we can't actually go from to the DOE and FRA sites from the MCR consoles
05:04 PM Elog Idea #14604 (Closed): Banners
The Fermilab and DOE banners are huge and distracting. Don't we already know we're at Fermilab?
05:03 PM Elog Idea #14603 (Closed): boss-o-schedule
Where did it go?
05:02 PM Elog Idea #14602 (Closed): photo in header is annoying
The image under the banner makes it hard for me to focus on the text.
05:02 PM Elog Idea #14601 (Closed): Usernames should be hidden


03:14 AM Elog Bug #4774 (Closed): Randomly logs out
I make an entry, 5 min later I have to log in again to make another entry. I had the window up the entire time.


06:21 AM Elog Feature #4206 (Closed): Dafault to operations?
Can the log be set to default to ops in the MCR?

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