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01:00 PM ICARUS operations Wiki edit: Shift_bulletin_board (#18)
01:00 PM ICARUS operations Wiki edit: Shift_bulletin_board (#17)


12:43 PM LArSoft Bug #23817: Incorrect Calculation of Wire Pitch in lardata
I was able to test that the plane/view errors were not spit out for the events when running with this fix. I also che...


04:40 PM LArPandora Revision fb1c989a: Removed the Microboone settings XML from the commit. Users should pick this up. Location will be put in the instructions to do the trainings.
04:23 PM ICARUS LArSoft Revision 2fe973a6: Added the line to enable MC Particles to pandora module. Now text files can be produced.


11:19 PM LArPandora Revision 6091040c: Moved PandoraSVM for MicroBooNE to the scripts directory
10:56 PM LArPandora Revision 021525a8: Vertex training settings XML files and a copy of the standard uBooNE svm XML, as used in work to do training for SBND. Thanks Ed.
10:33 PM ICARUS LArSoft Revision 74680e41: Adding the fcl file to make the text files for BDT training. Putting this in the LArProduceML directory we can use to commit fcls and other things that actually need icaruscode. The LArMachineLearningData is to be kept out of the icaruscode CMakeLists if possible, with things in that to be done using the virtualenv...
09:36 PM ICARUS LArSoft Revision 6702e9fa: Adding LArMachineLearningData. Originally got this from Dom in an SBND context, which in turn is from Pandora context. I've made some changes to the BDT scripts to work for the needs of tuning in SBN, thanks in part to coordination with the SBND folk (thanks Ed and Dom).


10:52 AM LArSoft Bug #23817: Incorrect Calculation of Wire Pitch in lardata
Was just talking to some of the ICARUS reco folks about this. I agreed to check this but didn't have a chance to do s...

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