Benjamin Messerly





11:27 AM PlotUtils Management Task #23175 (New): For merging data antuples, MergeTool should merge all runs for a playlist into a single file
tl;dr load and loop times for data tuples merged into one file-per-run are MUCH worse compared to data tuples merged ...


09:16 AM PlotUtils Management Feature #22856 (Resolved): Add xrootd compatibility to PU::ChainWrapper
Currently, PU::ChainWrapper uses globs to add root files to its underlying TChain. This may interfere with xrootd fun...


11:28 AM NuMI Beam Simulation Revision 894fb8d8 (g4numi): Added a warning when you request > 500K POT.


01:39 PM NuMI Beam Simulation Revision 593e9bc0 (g4numi): The previous tag, new_grid_submit_jan18, now fails due to some more grid changes.
I've slimmed down the setup scripts and tried to include only what is necess and suffic.
See DL, compile, and run ins...


07:24 PM NuMI Beam Simulation Revision 6e61c4b3 (g4numi): Overhaul grid submission because we can no longer use bluearc. is being replaced by is still the script thats run on the grid,...


12:38 PM NuMI Beam Simulation Revision 0c150056 (g4numi): ME nominal values --> configurable parameters so that now works out of the box.
12:33 PM NuMI Beam Simulation Revision 4158cb2c (g4numi): The grid recently lost 32-bit compatibility.
New makefiles to compile in 64-bit. New setup script to source a 64-bit geant4 and root.
Additionally, running MINERv...


01:02 PM NuMI Beam Simulation Revision 25ee9112 (g4numi): Add some more focusing dials.
Also making the jobsub_submit --memory option default. More slots for us.


12:19 PM NuMI Beam Simulation Revision 1d8fbc2a (g4numi): 500 MB memory grid job should not be default.
12:13 PM NuMI Beam Simulation Revision 317fb953 (g4numi): Correct grid submission default params

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