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01:19 PM Elog Idea #22096 (New): Move thumbnails menu option titles above selection boxes
The thumbnail menu titles are currently below their respective selection boxes and two of them are closer to other se...


03:04 PM Elog Idea #7074 (Assigned): Accelerator Status Update
The E-log has become the go-to for accelerator status updates for many AD employees. It is not, however, fully optimi...


03:25 PM Elog Feature #4744 (Closed): Ability to hide one/multiple logs
It would be nice to have the ability to hide entries from one or more logs without having to select all of the other ...


11:00 AM Rookie Books Revision 0433a0aa: Final before printing for new Op 1


09:44 PM Elog Feature #4512 (Closed): Display user on Add Entry dialog box
It would be helpful if the user name was displayed on the Add Entry dialog box. Something like "Logged in as name@fna...


12:09 AM Elog Feature #4502 (Closed): Bottom of page white space
Add some white space at the bottom of the page so that the last entry can be scrolled up the screen a little bit. At ...
12:05 AM Elog Feature #4501 (Closed): No Log Selected message in Files tab
Submitting an entry from the Files tab without having previously selected a Log in the Text tab results in no action....


05:25 PM Rookie Books Revision 66fa4486: Implement final changes that Pat requested.


06:02 PM Elog Bug #4278 (Closed): Entering text after adding an image
There is a bug when going from the Files tab to the Text tab. There should be a minimum width on the New Entry dialog...


04:15 PM Elog Feature #4220 (Closed): Tab out of text entry directly to submit
While making an entry, it would be nice if hitting tab took you directly from the text entry box to the submit button...

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