John Kuharik




03:54 PM Elog Feature #14706 (Closed): Shift change highlighter not present?
Where is the highlighting of the shift change category?


05:59 AM Elog Bug #11321 (Closed): Login issue
Tried to log in several times, resulting the following error. I'm pretty sure I was using the correct password. I o...


03:47 PM Elog Idea #7764 (Assigned): An easier way to go to a shift timespan after executing a search
It would be useful to have a 'go to shift' link on each entry for after a search. Clicking the link would set the 'D...


02:01 PM Elog Bug #7013 (Closed): Link editor not working.
The link editor isn't working. The box opens, but does not respond to mouse clicks. Can't type or paste in the text...


01:03 AM Elog Bug #4981 (Assigned): Search result highlight misplacement
See attached file. Search found a result in a photo caption and highlighted an area that did not contain text.


11:36 AM Elog Bug #4816 (Closed): Images don't always open on the first try
I noticed today that sometimes when a thumbnail is clicked on to open the image, the screen flickers but the image do...


05:08 PM Elog Idea #4109 (Closed): Default log for adding entries
It would be nice to be able to select the operations log as a default for all entries rather than having to do it for...

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