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11:11 AM Elog Idea #24668 (New): Display co-author/participant/user/author's Fermi group in Add Entry/Filter form name hover
Users attempt to tag people in the logbook whenever possible, but sometimes there are two people with the same name. ...


02:38 PM Elog Feature #11469: Warn user before navigating away after text is entered into entry
This is still an issue in Elog v2.0.


08:35 AM Elog Bug #18643 (New): Infinite Scroll does not work with Ascending Time Sorts
When sorting by Creation Date - ASC, Modified Date - ASC and Entry ID - ASC if one reaches the bottom of the page the...


02:21 PM DPM Support #17992: Don't send DPM_PEND right away.
A question, from the perspective of the Java, Javascript, Erlang, and Python clients is the data always delivered via...


10:00 AM Elog Idea #14766 (New): isHidden API default to false
It might be useful if the default for the API was isHidden=false. Most of the time one does not care about the hidde...
09:57 AM Elog Bug #14765: Emailing entry removes refinement
I think that this is the preferred behavior if the email is sent without context. It makes the URL shorter when send...


12:42 AM Elog Feature #14724: Timeout length?
Just us now knowing that there is no longer a timeout may be enough to encourage users to remember to log-out.


01:29 AM Elog Feature #14701: Log and Category Tagging Syntactical Shortcuts
A variant of this I'd like to see would be a 'suggested log' and 'suggested category' feature.
For example if one ...
01:20 AM Elog Bug #14721: ConcurrentModificationException when getting entry
I've noticed that when doing API searches with limits (i.e. &limit=1) that would return hidden entries (that I do not...
01:09 AM Elog Feature #14686: Search doesn't find all entries!
But with this design one cannot search for text inside of subjects. If I want to find all of the entries with the wo...

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