Duane Newhart




08:06 AM Elog Feature #21922 (New): User defined time limit for particular entries/strings
With LCLSII Cryomodule testing there are some tests that take multiple days. Would it be possible to have a user iden...


11:01 AM Elog Feature #14740 (Closed): Shift Change Category color highlight
Would like to see the shift change category be presented as a slightly different color, as it was in the previous ver...


04:57 PM Elog Bug #7730 (Closed): Login Error
Received this error while logging.


02:31 PM Elog Idea #6695 (Closed): Broadcast (KLH101) Light FM
Spawned from the idea that there are always people that want to be informed about things like power outages, and in m...


08:06 AM Elog Feature #5049: Redundant requirement of text entry for posting graphics
Because that's the way it is. Helps keep a real anchor to entries instead of just pictures with captions. Consider it...


03:10 PM Elog Feature #4585 (Closed): Test feature
Just example on using redmine. Safety has some suggestions


01:30 PM Elog Feature #3855 (Closed): Auto spell correct
When auto correcting with spell checker the entry shows the HTML tags. Entry 9893 is an example. Happened in comment ...


03:23 PM Elog Idea #3853 (Rejected): Kyle stop responding to everything while you're at home
Go mow the friggin' yard
03:15 PM Elog Feature #3852 (Closed): Highlighting searched text output
Can the text that was searched for be highlighted on the output of the search? Would help direct attention to the user.
03:04 PM Elog Feature #3851 (Closed): Calender on search
Could the year and the month pull down tab be independent. Probably not a big deal right now, but 2 years after the e...

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