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07:30 PM NOvA-ART Revision 38070 (svn): fix up the shell script to have the values for whether to use trig functions or not for each parameter, remove some debugging statements


03:08 PM NOvA-ART Revision 38067 (svn): Change a few minor things in the contour maker job
01:46 PM NOvA-ART Revision 38066 (svn): Lots of formatting changes for the contour maker, update the sensitivity point script to cat the fcl file before trying to do anything with it.
08:15 AM NOvA-ART Revision 38060 (svn): Increase the requested time for the job and remove the use of base name for the local product directory


05:03 PM NOvA-ART Revision 38050 (svn): Make the choice of a stats only fit something that is done on the command line
04:51 PM NOvA-ART Revision 38049 (svn): make use of pnfs2xrootd
04:51 PM NOvA-ART Revision 38048 (svn): fix the job names in these scripts and also the resource request for the sensitivity points
04:40 PM NOvA-ART Revision 38047 (svn): More changes to run the sensitivity point making on the grid. Added a script to submit to the grid
04:40 PM NOvA-ART Revision 38046 (svn): Change CMFSensitivityPointsMaker to just evaluate one point at a time so we can use it on the grid to get the full set of points. Create a name for the output results directory based on which point in space is evaluated so we can hadd the output histogram files easily if desired. Update the configuration files as well.
11:24 AM NOvA-ART Revision 38036 (svn): add back the AddSpillSummary method, not sure why the compilation didn't complain before

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