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02:10 PM Web App Framework Bug #23421 (New): ACNET Connection Retries are too Aggressive
Currently, if an ACNET connection is not available the framework attempts to reconnect immediately and infinitely.
11:36 AM Web App Framework Revision bfa10bf6: Bump to version 1.1.3 for publishing.
11:35 AM Web App Framework Revision e5052533: NPM update to adopt DPM updates.
10:58 AM Data Request Format Feature #23417 (New): Decimate Rate
Kyle has proposed a feature for DRF that would allow users to request data on an event and decimate the data to a giv...
09:09 AM DPM Revision f731cc15 (js): Bump to version 2.3.2 for publishing.
08:57 AM DPM Revision 6ca0c2e6 (js): Create dpm.d.ts.
08:57 AM DPM Revision e3d7fa43 (js): Abstract the initial ref_id.
This is a code smell cleanup.
This prevents the initial value from getting out of sync.
08:55 AM DPM Revision 67233da6 (js): Change addRequest callback type to return void.
08:51 AM DPM Revision 5f800d6f (js): Implement applySettings.
08:49 AM DPM Revision efe818f5 (js): Capture DPM_reply_ApplySettings messages.

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