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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
PlotUtils Management 07/05/2019 Andrew Olivier Use Cases Feature #22856: Add xrootd compatibility to PU::ChainWrapper Testing whether there is a problem: Can ChainWrapper access files via xrootd? 1.00
Framework Build Instructions 03/21/2018 Lynn Garren Use Cases Feature #19426: Modules directory not processed by ssibuildshims 0.20
Off-the-Shelf DAQ 09/25/2017 Ryan Rivera Use Cases Feature #16792: Calibration Mechanism 0.00
BooNE-BackTrack 09/24/2015 Paul Lebrun Use Cases Bug #10252: Inelastic cross section for proton on STEEL are zero. 1.00
Tester 07/27/2015 Hanah Chang Use Cases Bug #9741: Test Bug 4 Worked hard, almost done 3.00
Monitoring check_mk 07/22/2015 Natalia Ratnikova Use Cases Task #9115: Phedex Monitoring with check_mk Meeting with Tim 0.50
CMS dCache 06/19/2015 Natalia Ratnikova Use Cases Support #8828: Unresponsive pools - Provide instructions for the Primary changed requirements 0.20
Gratia 06/12/2015 Nicholas Peregonow Use Cases Task #8985: Look at the old machines, and move missing things 1.00
RWP 01/15/2021 Josh Juneau Requirements Feature #25406: Add ability to support Hazard Spec Document to the enclosures, and modify the RWP signature process to allow reviewers to view this document before signing. Review and analysis of the procedure for inclusion of the new Hazard Spec URL. 1.00
Mu2e otsdaq 08/11/2020 Antonio Gioiosa Requirements Bug #24745: PV removed when added after switch to Live mode Changed the selection mode of PVs list in the top pane of widget attributes 0.20
PIP-II IT HWR 08/09/2020 Brian Chase Requirements Feature #24736: Connect, instrument and test Berkeley Detune and Quench Detection Block Adding documents 0.10
ANNIE 03/09/2020 Arthur Kreymer Requirements Support #24151: ANNIE 2020 computing request FCRSG meeting delayed to May 0.10
ANNIE 03/07/2020 Arthur Kreymer Requirements Support #24151: ANNIE 2020 computing request 0.20
ANNIE 03/07/2020 Arthur Kreymer Requirements Support #24151: ANNIE 2020 computing request Initial contact from Computing 0.10
LArSoft 10/28/2019 Lynn Garren Requirements Support #23419: Request patch release v08_27_01_01 for ProtoDUNE production 0.50
BATCH 05/11/2019 Arthur Kreymer Requirements Support #22582: remove minospro crontab entries 0.50
LArSoft 02/21/2019 Herbert Greenlee Requirements Support #21942: Request patch release larsoft v08_05_00_04 Use art v3_01_02 0.00
ANNIE 11/28/2018 Arthur Kreymer Requirements Support #21449: ANNIE 2019 computing request for SCPMT Original SCPMT email 0.10
rontest 10/14/2018 Ron Rechenmacher Requirements #21138 priliminary requirements 1.00
cet-is 01/22/2018 Lynn Garren Requirements Support #18532: special root build request 0.10
LArSoft 10/05/2017 Hans-Joachim Wenzel Requirements Task #16857: Delivery of replacement code for LArG4. mu Boone feedback on dataproduct 0.50
canvas 08/29/2017 Lynn Garren Requirements Bug #17609: Problem building larsoft with art v2_08_02 1.00
ANNIE 08/28/2017 Arthur Kreymer Requirements Support #17603: Remove persistent v3data for space allocation filled 1.00
Continuous Integration (CI) 03/21/2017 Michele Fattoruso Requirements Feature #15882: In the CI web app, add the event progress bar for ci_tests_grid phase 1.00
LArSoft 03/09/2017 Katherine Lato Requirements Task #15818: Develop Outline for LArSoft Geometry document including understanding issues 1.00
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