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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
PlotUtils Management 07/05/2019 Andrew Olivier Use Cases Feature #22856: Add xrootd compatibility to PU::ChainWrapper Testing whether there is a problem: Can ChainWrapper access files via xrootd? 1.00
Framework Build Instructions 03/21/2018 Lynn Garren Use Cases Feature #19426: Modules directory not processed by ssibuildshims 0.20
Off-the-Shelf DAQ 09/25/2017 Ryan Rivera Use Cases Feature #16792: Calibration Mechanism 0.00
BooNE-BackTrack 09/24/2015 Paul Lebrun Use Cases Bug #10252: Inelastic cross section for proton on STEEL are zero. 1.00
Tester 07/27/2015 Hanah Chang Use Cases Bug #9741: Test Bug 4 Worked hard, almost done 3.00
Monitoring check_mk 07/22/2015 Natalia Ratnikova Use Cases Task #9115: Phedex Monitoring with check_mk Meeting with Tim 0.50
CMS dCache 06/19/2015 Natalia Ratnikova Use Cases Support #8828: Unresponsive pools - Provide instructions for the Primary changed requirements 0.20
Gratia 06/12/2015 Nicholas Peregonow Use Cases Task #8985: Look at the old machines, and move missing things 1.00
Mu2e otsdaq 08/11/2020 Antonio Gioiosa Requirements Bug #24745: PV removed when added after switch to Live mode Changed the selection mode of PVs list in the top pane of widget attributes 0.20
PIP-II IT HWR 08/09/2020 Brian Chase Requirements Feature #24736: Connect, instrument and test Berkeley Detune and Quench Detection Block Adding documents 0.10
ANNIE 03/09/2020 Arthur Kreymer Requirements Support #24151: ANNIE 2020 computing request FCRSG meeting delayed to May 0.10
ANNIE 03/07/2020 Arthur Kreymer Requirements Support #24151: ANNIE 2020 computing request 0.20
ANNIE 03/07/2020 Arthur Kreymer Requirements Support #24151: ANNIE 2020 computing request Initial contact from Computing 0.10
LArSoft 10/28/2019 Lynn Garren Requirements Support #23419: Request patch release v08_27_01_01 for ProtoDUNE production 0.50
BATCH 05/11/2019 Arthur Kreymer Requirements Support #22582: remove minospro crontab entries 0.50
LArSoft 02/21/2019 Herbert Greenlee Requirements Support #21942: Request patch release larsoft v08_05_00_04 Use art v3_01_02 0.00
ANNIE 11/28/2018 Arthur Kreymer Requirements Support #21449: ANNIE 2019 computing request for SCPMT Original SCPMT email 0.10
rontest 10/14/2018 Ron Rechenmacher Requirements #21138 priliminary requirements 1.00
cet-is 01/22/2018 Lynn Garren Requirements Support #18532: special root build request 0.10
LArSoft 10/05/2017 Hans-Joachim Wenzel Requirements Task #16857: Delivery of replacement code for LArG4. mu Boone feedback on dataproduct 0.50
canvas 08/29/2017 Lynn Garren Requirements Bug #17609: Problem building larsoft with art v2_08_02 1.00
ANNIE 08/28/2017 Arthur Kreymer Requirements Support #17603: Remove persistent v3data for space allocation filled 1.00
Continuous Integration (CI) 03/21/2017 Michele Fattoruso Requirements Feature #15882: In the CI web app, add the event progress bar for ci_tests_grid phase 1.00
LArSoft 03/09/2017 Katherine Lato Requirements Task #15818: Develop Outline for LArSoft Geometry document including understanding issues 1.00
ANNIE 02/06/2017 Arthur Kreymer Requirements Task #15475: Remove v2data runs converted to v5data need to remove raw/raw runs <247 0.10
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