• booster simulations 2016

      Synergia simulations of the Booster using the madx lattice files provided by CY Tan.

    • CHEF

      Collaborative : objects cooperate to perform complex tasks
      Hierarchical : comprising a partially ordered collection of C++ class libraries
      Expansible : designed for future extensions

    • Contractor

      Contractor is a system for building dependent sets of packages. It differs from a simple build script in that builds can be stopped, restarted, adjusted and updated. The packages are installed in a communal directory ("install"); a setup script ("") to add the relevant subdirectories to the appropriate paths is generated by Contractor. For more information, see the wiki....

    • ESME-Plot

      A GUI written as an R script for plotting output files created by ESMEMelkin.

    • Fermi_CERN

      Documentation related to ongoing simulations for the CERN Injector upgrades

    • MARS-integration

      Scripts and documents on integrating MARS and Synergia

    • main-injector-simulations

      Scripts and information for Synergia Main Injector simulations.

    • Synergia2

      Synergia is an accelerator modeling package incorporating linear and non-linear particle transport as well as collective effects including space charge and impedance. For further details including download and installation instructions, see the wiki. For general information, see the Synergia home page....

    • uspas15

      Public site for Modern Computational Accelerator Physics, USPAS January, 2015

  • Accelerator Student Research

    A repository for students & research interns in accelerator topics, especially optics. Repository includes training materials and progress within student projects.

  • Active Archive Facilities Project

    Fermilab has agreed to provide archival tape storage facilities for a number of organizations and customers needing long term storage, access, and curation of data.

  • AD Controls Department

    AD Controls-related projects.

    • Applications Group

      Projects used by the Applications Group in the Controls Department.

    • Central Services Group

      Projects owned by the Central Services Group of the Controls Department.

      • ACNET Service

        This project tracks issues and development for the ACNET service used in ACSys. The ACNET service is responsible for most of the communications used in Fermilab's control system. It is used by consoles, java clients, and Erlang front-ends. It also supports connections from mobile devices and web pages....

      • DABBEL

        DABBEL (Database Batch Editing Language) is the facility for modifying the central ACNET device database. This document is the reference guide for using DABBEL. It contains three main parts: an overview, a description of the editing language, and a guide to the shell command used to invoke the DABBEL facility....

      • DPM

        This project manages issues related to the Erlang-based data pool manager.

      • GitLab

        Project for tracking issues and documenting the details of the installation, configuration, and usage of GitLab hosted locally on AD/Controls servers.

      • LOOKUP

        Tracks issues and source code related to the LOOKUP service.

        • Remote

          Remote is an open-access client that supports the reading and setting of Remote devices via the XML-RPC protocol.

      • Protocol Compiler

        The protocol compiler is a command line utility that converts a source file describing protocol messages into source code that serializes the messages. Several target languages are supported.

    • Front-end Group

      Projects owned by the Front-end Group of the Controls Department.

      • Drivers

        This project groups together projects related to VME hardware drivers.

        • BLM

          VME-based Beam Loss Monitors and associated boards such as HV power supply VME cards.

        • CAMAC

          Projects related to our CAMAC infrastructure. Most of our CAMAC infrastructure uses AD's enhanced CAMAC (TEVF, BOOST1, BOOST2, MUONFE, MI1, MI2, MI3, NUMI, TCLK, SWYD.) The fixed target line uses standard CAMAC (MESON, NEUTR.)...

        • PCI Drivers

          This project groups together PCI drivers. Although most drivers will target the MOOC framework on VxWorks, we hope to also start developing Unix drivers.

        • VME Drivers

          This project holds links to VME drivers. These drivers will -- mostly likely -- target the MOOC framework on VxWorks platforms.

        • Alarms

          Here we describe how to set up and utilize a Kafka based alarm handler

        • Archiver Appliance

          Setup and configuration of Archiver Appliance

        • Config
          Configuration files for:
          • Phoebus (CSS)
          • EDM
          • Alarm Handler
          • Archiver
          • Gateways
          • other sundry configuration files

          Note that many of these files are old and not applicable; however, they remain useful as templates

        • Environment Configuration

          Configuration files to set up EPICS environment variables.

        • Extensions

          Tools for EPICS clients

        • iocTops

          Saving present IOCs

      • Infrastructure

        This project manages our group's infrastructure libraries and services.

        • Build Environment

          This project documents and manages the source to our build environment.

        • Erlang Front-end Framework

          This project tracks development and issues related to the Erlang-based front-end framework.

        • MOOC Framework

          This project manages the MOOC front-end framework used in our VxWorks-based front-ends.

        • VxWorks ACNET Library

          This project manages the ACNET library/module used in our VxWorks-based front-ends.

        • VxWorks Kernels

          Track issues associated with our VxWorks kernels and kernel development projects

        • Erlang event reporting

          This application replaces Erlang's built-in alarm handler with one that retain more statistics about the events and emails a report at a specified interval.

        • Erlang Kerberos library

          A Kerberos library for Erlang, written by Andrey Petrov. It is not known whether this library works. It is placed here to preserve the work and to host efforts of anyone who wants to complete it.

        • Error Log for VxWorks

          This documents and manages the Error Log module for VxWorks.

        • Event Reporter

          This is an Erlang application that accumulates events of interest (reported by other running applications) and sends an email periodically with a summary.

        • Industry Pack Support in VxWorks

          This project provides a formal, robust API for Industry Pack carrier boards for VxWorks.

        • Miscellaneous Utilities for Erlang

          This is an Erlang library with miscellaneous routines. Individually, they aren't enough to warrant a separate project, so they're grouped together in this module.

        • NTPD For VxWorks

          This VxWorks module creates a background task that uses NTP to keep the system time accurate to within a VxWorks tick.

        • PowerPC Library for VxWorks

          This is a library of PowerPC-specific routines.

        • Scheduling module for Erlang

          This Erlang application provides a time-of-day announcement along with a set of predicates to recognize moments in time. A parser is provided to translate natural language phrases into the predicates.

        • VxWorks Concurrency

          VWPP is a C++ library that wraps VxWorks concurrency primitives with type- and exception-safe objects. These classes manage resources using modern C++ idioms. See the Project Wiki for complete documentation.

      • Systems

        This project organizes the projects used by various front-end systems.

        • Camera

          This project covers the Erlang front-ends which interface with digital cameras.

        • IRM

          Issues related to the IRM systems.

        • Machine Protection

          This project track issues related to front-ends used in machine protection systems. Some examples are SRFLPR, SRFBLM, SRFMPS, and PXIMPS.

        • Motion Controls

          This project organized the various motion control front-ends and their common libraries and modules.

        • TCLK Infrastructure

          This project organizes TCLK-related systems and hardware.

  • AD Controls Department, Integrated Engineering Group

    AD Controls Department, Integrated Engineering Group software.

    • Integrated Engineering Group Website

      AD Controls Integrated Engineering website.

    • Node Poll

      This application displays status for IRM front ends and also provides I/O features for these front ends.

    • Rack Monitor Alarms Application

      This application is used to display realtime IRM/SRM/HRM alarm messages and search the RACKMN OAC generated alarm logger.

    • RACKMN Open Access Client

      This OAC monitors a multicase all the IRM/SRM/HRMs use to post alarm messages. Alarm messages are logged in a sybase table that rolls over at one million messages. This OAC also generates nightly alarm report emails.

  • AD EE Support Department

    AD EE Support Software Projects

    • Drivers

      Projects that implement low level hardware drivers.

      • 16aio-kernel

        Linux kernel driver for the General Standards Corp PC104P-16AIO Multifunction IO Board.

      • accesio-kernel

        Linux kernel driver for the PCI based IO baord from Accesio. Specifically I am using the P104-DIO-48 in the rapr_adv project.

      • Acro-PMC

        Driver repository includes support for PMC330, PMC230, and common files for acromag PMC

      • acro-pmc330

        Low level driver for the Acromag PMC330 ADC PMC Card. This card is the new replacement for ADC board for MECAR.

      • dagdaq

        Linux User mode driver for the Connect Tech Inc. Xtreme I/O Express ADC-DAC PCIe/104 board. This driver uses the dagdaq_kernel driver to create a high level API for using the DAG103 board. Support for the DAG001 DIO Board has also been added.

      • dagdaq_kernel

        Linux kernel mode driver for the Connect Tech Inc. Xtreme I/O Express ADC-DAC PCIe/104 board.

      • fpgairq-kernel

        Kernel module which implements an IRQ from the Altera FPGA to the HPS.

      • hercdaq

        A LXRT driver for the Diamond Systems Hercules DAQ board.

      • lnmxmd_fpgairq_kernel

        Kernel Driver which implements the interrupt support for the 15Hz interrupt from the Cyclone V FPGA to the HPS.

      • mm32xdaq

        A LXRT driver for the Diamond Systems DMM-32DX DAQ board.

      • onyxmm

        A LXRT driver for the Diamond Systems Onyx-MM-XT DIO Board.

      • pmcrcfg-kernel

        Linux Kernel UIO Driver for the Technobox Reconfigurable DIO PMC Card.

      • rmm1616a

        A LXRT driver for the Diamond Systems RMM-1616A-XT DAC board.

      • 16aio-user

        Linux User driver for the General Standards Corp PC104P-16AIO Multifunction IO Board.

      • accesio-user

        User mode library for accessing Accesio IO Boards. Specifically the P104-DIO-48 board is used in the rapr_adv project.

      • generic_rpc

        Library of RPCs that are used by multiple frontends (i.e. generic).

      • libd25intf

        D25 Transient Recorder Interface Library.

      • libeesutils

        Common EES utilities.

      • libmcastrecv

        A simple Multicast TCLK Receiver library.

      • libpca9535

        User space driver for the Digital IO on the ADLE3800PC CPU Board

      • libpepclient

        Packet Exchange Protocol (PEP) client library.

      • libpepserver

        Packet Exchange Protocol (PEP) server library.

      • libportability

        A simple portability layer for VxWorks and Linux/RTAI.

      • lnmxmd_fpgairq_user

        The user space interface library for the Marx Modulator FPGA.

      • pepfe

        Acsys/FE to PEP Bridge (this is the EES Acsys/FE C++ driver).

      • pmcrcfg-user

        Linux Userspace UIO Driver for the Technobox Reconfigurable DIO PMC Card.

      • boxcar

        A boxcar filtering system.

      • bulb

        Basic micro Learning Box Application.

      • gunmod

        NML Gun Modulator application.

      • lens_pmag

        LiLens and PMAG Power Supply Controller

      • lnmxmd

        The Linac Marx Modulator Front-End

      • mebt_kicker

        PIP2 MEBT Kicker Application

      • miextr

        Main Injector Extraction Pulser PS Application.

      • plcfe

        Embedded system that does ACNET frontending for various PLCs.

      • psrac

        Power Supply Regulation and Control application.

      • rapr

        Ramping Power Supply Regulator

      • rapr_adv

        Advanced Ramping Power Supply Controller. What make it "advanced"? 1) Hardware TCLK decoding 2) High Precision DAC Reference driven at 10kHz (as opposed to 1KHz) 3) Support for MDAT based ramps.

        In the future MECAR style ramp learning may be added....

      • rbex

        RBEX Power Supply Controller/Regulator.

      • smtfmod

        NML and HINS modulator control application.

      • uqpm_hwr

        This project is for the PIPII HWR and SSR1 quench protection circuits. This includes the HWR and SSR1 solenoids and their associated correctors.

      • badmab

        Frontend with the purpose of being an ACNET frontend for other non-ACNET systems.

      • BAPS

        Booster Anode Power Supply Front-End

      • linacpfn

        vxWorks Frontend which implements the PFN/Modulator Controller/Regulator

      • MECAR

        The Main Injector Excitation Controller and Regulator (MECAR) embedded system software project.

  • AD ESH Department, Interlocks Group

    Accelerator Division ESH department interlocks group software

  • AD Instrumentation

    This is the AD/Instrumentation department Redmine.

    • AD Attendance Web Pages

      Repository for the AD attendance pages, instituted in response to the COVID-19 stay-at-home order. The contents of this project is mostly the GIT repository of PHP scripts.

    • adc12x5

      Alexei 12x5 Digitizer drivers

    • BackDoor

      BackDoor is a protocol and associated software system for exchanging data between computers. The name BackDoor suggests an alternate portal through which 'friends' gain access. BackDoor provides quick access to a front-end’s data structures without having to attach them to ACNet and write custom console application programs. The BackDoor system is not intended to replace ACNet functionality, it merely provides easy to use tools to support the front-end development process....

      • BackDoorApps

        A place for BackDoor server applications and associated LabVIEW code.

        • backdoorbstrbpm

          This is the BackDoor Booster BPM application that accesses John Diamond's Booster BPM code shared memory. It graphically displays the latest Raw and Turn-by-turn data for a select-able BPM.

        • backdoorpi

          Support for LabVIEW access to Pi 3B+ GPIO pin basic I/O and GPIO pin special function. BackDoor functions as the network bridge between LabVIEW and the bcm2835-1.xx library on the Pi.

        • NB6L295MProgrammableDelay

          Brian Fellenz 0-11.2ns programmable delay board controlled with Pi 3B+. Delay can be controlled via a network or direct connection using the LabVIEW application or via Acnet.

    • Embedded Linux Build Environment

      A shared build environment for embedded Linux software development.

      • PiGPIO

        Raspberry Pi GPIO support routines

      • PiReset_ACSys

        An application to use a Raspberry Pi 3B+ as a remote reset device.

    • adinstbpm

      AD/Instrumentation Linux-based BPM front end software.

    • Allison Scanner

      Source code for the PXIE Allison-type emittance scanner.

    • bbmfe

      A library for interfacing with the Beam Budget Monitor.

    • BLM Control Card ez80

      Code repository for the Controller Card for the VME-based BLM systems.

    • blongd

      VxWorks version of the Booster Longitudinal Damper Front-end.

    • blongdsvr

      Booster Damper upgrade hosted by Linux server.

    • Booster IPM

      This project contains the code and documents for the BL4IPM system.

    • BPM Transiton Module Control Board

      Acnet and LabVIEW support code for the Brian Fellenz BPM Control Board. This project depends on the backdoorpi project.

    • cmtf-firmware

      Firmware for CMTF interlocks.

    • CMTF RF Power Meters

      Readout code for the 16 U2042XA RF Power Meters used in the CMTF cryo-module test facility.

    • CMTF Vacuum Cart

      This project contains the LabVIEW source and documents for the AD/MS Particle Safe Vacuum Cart.

    • culite

      Dependency for gbpm-based BPMs

    • drvgen

      A template system for generating hardware drivers for Linux and VxWorks from a spreadsheet specification.

    • echotek

      main echotek project

    • echotek_mibpm

      The driver code for the echotek cards used in the recycler bpm.

    • ecsg1r3adcfermi

      Dependency for rbpm Echotek's

    • Embedded Linux Software Development Tools

      Makefiles and scripts for building Embedded Linux front-ends around Buildroot.

    • ESD TOOL

      ESD tool to compile VxWorks

    • ESH-RWP - Now Obsolete

      This version of the RWP project has been superseded. See below.

      Radiological Work Permit Web page suite. This is a LAMP project, using MariaDB and PHP on the Computing Sector's Apache web services framework. This is a temporary project location; it will be migrating to full GITHUB....

    • fribwpm

      FRIB Wire Position Monitor

    • fribwpmApp

      FRIB Wire Position Monitor EPICS support.

    • gbpm

      Provides a generic implementation of a distributed Beam Position Monitor system based on VxWorks. Used by the Tevatron (tbpm, obsolete), Main Injector (mibpm) and Recycler (rrbpm & rrtb) BPM systems.

    • Image Tool

      Image Tool is an Java-based image capture and analysis application for the ASTA transverse profile monitors.

    • inst-bpm

      A Linux/RTAI-based Beam Position Monitor system. Used by the Booster BPM upgrade project.

    • Instrumentation Drivers

      Drivers (Linux & VxWorks) for hardware produced by AD/Instrumentation.

      • instvmeadc

        Alexei Digitizer drivers - various versions

      • universedma

        Drivers for Universe II DMA in VxWorks.

    • klydig

      This C/C++ library provides a VxWorks driver for a 6U 12 channel 16 bit VME digitizer to be used in the klystron interlock crate of the ILCTA project testing capture cavity II.

    • Linac Laser Notcher

      Linac Laser Notcher application source and application documentation.

      • lasercurve

        Curve generation for the preAcc laser notcher

    • Linux on MVME8100

      Documentation and Buildroot configuration for running Linux on the Artesyn MVME8100.

    • Main Injector BPM

      Frontend software for the Main Injector BPM system.

    • MI/RR IPM

      Mark 3 Ionization Profile Monitor for Recycler and Main Injector

    • Mu2e Extraction Regulator

      Front End software for the Mu2e Slow Extraction Regulation system.

    • nmlwpm2

      NML Wire Position Monitor.

    • Optical and Terahertz Instrumentation System

      Optical and Terahertz Instrumentation System

    • PIP2IT_Laserwire

      Software used to run the PIP2IT Laserwire at CMTF in Mar/Apr 2021. Controls Zaber stages, PriTel Fiber Amplifier, Alexei Semenov ADC board (firmware 606B5E6E, Core v.2), and Colby delay line. Takes longitudinal, transverse, and combined longitudinal/transverse (2D) 12.4MHz modulated data....

    • Raspberry Pi 3B+ Power Loss Protection

      Pi Power Loss Protection circuit description, schematic, scripts, and test program.

    • rbpm

      Front-end software for several older BPM systems, such as: MI/RR injection and abort lines, Miniboone, NuMI, and Rapid Transfer lines. Most of the changes documented here are related to the Muon campus upgrades starting in Summer 2015.

    • rdamp

      The system that runs on node idamp.

    • Recycler BPM

      Recycler BPM frontend software (aka rrbpm or 'Nova' BPMs).

    • RFIES Tools

      VxWorks build tools.

    • Shared

      Contains various general use shared libraries.

      • DDCP

        C++ shared library and test applications for DDCP protocol.

      • GeneralLib

        General purpose C++ shared library.

    • Support Notes

      Software and hardware documentation in support of instrumentation development.

      The Wiki contains notes related to General Topics and RFIES.

    • Timing Library

      A C++ class library for accessing timing hardware used by the AD/Instrumentation hardware. Supports Linux and VxWorks.

    • ubpm

      Muon-campus Delivery Ring BPM system.

    • VME BPM

      A simple VxWorks-based BPM that utilizes the AD/Instrumentation 125 Mhz 8-channel digitizer and the PMC-UCD for timing.

    • VME Intensity Monitor

      A VME-based front end for DCCTs, Toroids, Wall Current Monitors, Donut Rings, Farady Cups, Scrapers and any other instrument that reports beam intensity.

    • WPM

      Software for the Wire Position Monitor at FRIB.

    • www-inst

      The source code for the Instrumentation Department web page

  • AD Machine Learning

    A home for AD machine learning related projects

  • AD Main Injector Department

    Accelerator Division Main Injector department software.

  • AD Operations Department

    AD Operations department software.

  • AD Proton Source Department

    Code Hierarchy for Pre-Acc, Linac, and Booster related projects.

    • ProtonFE

      Front-end code for the Proton Source Department. Initially, at least, this is mostly VME-platform front-ends.

  • AD Proton Source Department, Linac Group

    AD Proton Source department, Linac group software

  • AI-for-Accelerators

    LDRD "AI for Accelerators" (2019.027)


    The ANNIE Experiment

    This is the Redmine Project for the ANNIE experiment.

    To obtain permission to use this site:

    1) Get setup as a Fermilab user here
    2) Get a Fermilab Services Account here...

  • Aristeidis Tsaris

    Technical Note for charged pion cross section with the NOVA Near Detector

  • artdaq

    Project for the development of the artdaq data acquisition toolkit.

    The toolkit currently provides functionality for data transfer, event building, event reconstruction and analysis (using the art analysis framework), process management, system and process state behavior, control messaging, local message logging (status and error messages), DAQ process and art module configuration, and the writing of event data to disk in ROOT format....

    • artdaq Demo

      Demonstration project for the artdaq package.
      See Wiki page

    • artdaq Utilities

      Project for the development of utilities to be used with artdaq.

      Each utility has its own subdirectory in this project. See the wiki pages for details/documetation.

      • artdaq database

        Sub project for database which has it's own issues and gantt chart.
        The repository is a sub-repository of artdaq Utilities.

    • artdaq-mfextensions

      Extensions to the MessageFacility that provide distributed programming facilities.

  • artg4

    Generic geant4 infrastructure for Art


    And see the Wiki for more information.

  • artvtk

    VTK and ParaView Catalyst interface in Art. Repository is mirror of .

  • ASIC Group (under construction)

    Projects and activities within the ASIC group at Fermilab.
    The group is part of EED within PPD.

  • ArgonCube2x2 Code

    ArgonCube 2x2 Demonstrator

    Code repository for reconstruction, simulation, and analysis for ArgonCube 2x2 Demonstrator.

  • art_cpp_db_interfaces

    Header only library of C++ interfaces to Scientific Computing Division storage services.

  • ArtDaq RunControl GUI

    QT Based Run Control Graphical User Interface wrapping around the artdaq_daqinterface package

  • AuthWorker

    Scripts that are part of the authworker monitor

  • fermistart

    Scripts running in the FermiStart domain

  • fermitest

    Scripts running on ftmaint1

  • ftmaint1

    Files and scripts running on ftmaint1 in the FermiTest domain

  • ldapmaint1

    Scripts running on ldapmaint1 in the SERVICES domain

  • lilstrom

    scripts that are in progress and/or possible useful to others

  • PowerShell Codes

    Generic script

  • BCAM

    BCAM results and analysis

  • Beam diffusion

    Theory, measurements, and analysis of transverse beam diffusion in storage rings and colliders.

  • BeamFocusing

    This project is dedicated to analyze the focusing components of NuMI and LBNF beamlines.

  • Big Data Program

    A project to explore introduction of Big Data technology and methodology into High Energy Physics data processing and analysis.

    • LEM Big Data

      A project to implement NOvA Library Event Matching algorithm as a scalable NOvA event identification facility at FNAL, using Big Data technologies and approaches. Our goal is to match and then exceed the performance of current facility used by NOvA, both in terms of event processing frequency and, more importantly, in in terms of the pattern library size by the factor of 10 or 100....

    • NoSQL LDRD

      NoSQL LDRD project

  • BIN

    This is the high level project for BIN (Business INfrastructure)

    • Budget Input

      This application is the main tool used by CD to create and manage line-item based budgets.

    • CBA Misc Packages

      This is a general collection of software packages supported by the CBA. This collection includes:

      • web_debug_ora - developer utility to assist in debugging oracle-generated html pages
      • ids_shutil - tools for package developers...
    • CS Effort Reporting
      Project scope:
      • Generation of extract files for the Kronos FTL system.
      • Download Kronos FTL information into the effort reporting history.
      • Provide interface to maintain the activity to task mappings.
      • Report and data extract generation
    • DataCenter Temperature Monitor

      This is the home page for the DataCenter Temperature Monitoring system. This system monitors temperature readings in various locations in the GCC and LCC datacenter, and sends an alarm when an upper/lower threshold is met.

    • dcpower

      Data Center power data collection

    • Everbridge

      Project site for the support of the Everbridge emergency notification system

    • FBI

      Fermi Blocking Interface

    • Fermilab App

      This is the React Native Repository.

      - The iOS code is no longer used from here. Please see the FermimobileAppNative project for the current iOS project
      - The Android code is stil being used by the Android store.

      iOS and Android apps for Fermilab, providing easy access to important information for visitors, users, and employees...

    • FermiMobileAppNative

      Native built FermiMobileAppNative

      As of last update to this project 1/17/18:

      This Redmine Project has the iOS code currently being used in the Apple App Store.

    • getDose

      Reads and stores dosimeter readings.

      $ cvs -d :/cvs/cd checkout getdose

    • ITIL

      This area holds information and documentation related to the ITIL process. In particular the area specific and general release documents are stored here. These both need to be completed and attached to a CRQ (Change ticket) after you get authorization to build. ...

    • Infoblox/Miscomp/ServiceNow Integrations

      Project dedicated to integration of Infoblox appliance and MISCOMP

      Commands to pull the code from the repositories:
      cvs checkout -d :/cvs/cd infoblox_fnetreg
      cvs checkout -d :/cvs/cd infoblox_admin
      cvs checkout -d :/cvs/cd infoblox_guestreg...

    • labcal

      Project page for the Lab Calendar application. This reads the lab calendar and makes it available for consumption by a WordPress site.

      $ git clone ssh:///cvs/projects/labcal

      To maintain the core and infrastructure components required for people to access the common information stored in the misprod1 database:
      • common libraries:
      • miscomp.common pl/sql package
      • misweb perl cgi utility
      • user interfaces: * equipdb
    • MISER
      • To provide the necessary components for an electronic purchase requisition system within the Computing Division:
        o User interface for creating purchase requests
        o Workflow for electronic signature of existing purchase requests
    • NCIS

      Home page for NCIS project.

    • NIMI

      Network Information and Management Infrastructure (NIMI) is used to build applications for LAN monitoring and management as well as computer security. Central component of NIMI is NIMI Database maintaining real-time image of LAN state. As a project, NIMI also includes the TIssue application as well as network inventory....

      • Aged Password Detector

        Aged Password Detector

      • Expired exemptions notifier

        This Python application will check the given exemptions for particular systems and when an exemption is about to expire, an email alert will be constructed and sent based on the CLI options.

      • Network Collectors

        Complex of perl,python and shell scripts,which collect and store actual information about active systems in Fermi network area.
        Network information stores in NIMI DB for monitoring and determination any suspicious network activity.

      • Network Verification Detector

        The NetVer detector is listening the network dispatcher which sends events about any new system on the network .It's a pair - IP and MAC. Information comes from ARP collector which sends it to dispatcher during the parsing and writing it's into NIMI DB. ...

      • Nimrod

        Nimrod is Automated Blocking application , which performs actual blocking or unblocking of suspicious system on the different Fermi network areas.
        Information about the suspicious system comes from FSF scanners via TIssue application severity level.

      • TIssue Exemption Manager

        TIssue Exemption Manager

    • Node Registration V2

      Project page for Node Registration V2.

    • Node Registration V2 - Phase II

      Second Phase of Node Registration V2

    • PySP


    • ServiceNOW


    • TIssueV2

      Project page for TIssueV2

    • Workflow

      Update, Feb 2015: AlphaFlow on plone has been replaced by a home-grown postgres/django application called "wf", which runs on host And there was much rejoicing.

      So as of Feb 2015, this redmine project will also contain documentation on the "wf" suite....

  • BNB Operations Meeting

    Minutes from BNB Operations Meetings.

  • Booster GMPS

    Documentation related to a GMPS regulator that implements a machine learning algorithm for system compensation.

  • Booster Lattice and LOCO Files

    The official repository of Booster MADX lattice and LOCO files

    • Booster LOCO files

      The LOCO files used to correct the Booster lattice by M. McAteer and A. Petrenko.
      The long term goal is to remove all Mathematica, TCL and elegant dependencies.

    • Booster MAD8 files

      This file is the original Booster MAD8 file that was used to generate the MADX file. It does not contain the correct dogleg position.

    • Booster MADX files

      The latest and greatest versions of the Booster MADX files. Created by M. McAteer and C.Y. Tan. Supersedes all MAD8 versions of the Booster lattice.

      • Make MADX DAT files

        Create MADX dat files (QL.dat, QS.dat, etc.) from the MagnetSettings.txt file created by ReadAllSettings.acl

      • PIP-II Booster MADX Files

        Most updated version of the Booster MAD-X files for the PIP-II era, including new PIP-II injection region. Initially created by Dave Johnson, Jeff Eldred, & Booster lattice group.

    • Booster New LOCO files

      New LOCO files that do away with Mathematica and Elegant. This is experimental and is a work in progress. All programs must be considered alpha software at this time.

      • Check ORM results

        This is a python program that plots the orbit responses from the ORM file that is collected.

      • Common files

        These are common files required in the building of all the new Booster LOCO programs

      • Dispersion data to SDDS converter (Deprecated)

        The dispersion data to SDDS converter (deprecated)

      • LOCO in C++

        This is a C++ implementation of the LOCO scripts originally written in TCL and uses sdds* commandline programs and octave scripts to calculate the machine parameters for correcting Booster optics.

        • Analysis of LOCO results

          Program that compares Booster LOCO results for quads and skew quads.

        • Calculate dQs

          Calculate dQLs and dQSs given the operational values of QL's and QS's from Table 1 and the LOCO corrected QL's and QS's from Table 6 of the 465 cards. This is an attempt to make the LOCO corrected tunes stay the same as the operational tunes. Once Booster transitions to the LOCO lattice, this program is deprecated....

        • Decouple in C++

          This program uses the results from fitit (LOCO in C++) to create new skew quad files

        • Fake ORM Creator

          Program to create fake orbit response data from the measured magnet settings and the booster.madx model.

        • Fix Booster Lattice in C++

          This program uses the results from fitit (LOCO in C++) to reduce the beta beating in Booster.

        • SDDS to OPTIM Converter

          SDDS to OPTIM is a program that converts the files created by LOCO C++ fitit to OPTIM format.

      • LOCO in MPI

        A LOCO implementation that will utilize multi-processors to speed up getting to the solution.

      • ORM data to SDDS converter (Deprecated)

        The ORM data to SDDS converter (deprecated)

  • Booster Neutrino Beamline

    Area for Booster Neutrino Beamline experiments to share simulation, analysis tools and documentation of the beamline.

    • BNB Systematics

      Booster Neutrino Beamline Systematics

    • BooNE-BackTrack

      Record and manage the fix-up needed to get the BooNE-MC (also named BooNECVS/BooNEG4Beam, the name of the old CVS repository) such that the code runs under gcc 4.1.2, and Geant4.1.8.p02
      Many, hopefully most of them, of the bug fixes have already been implemented in the main project. However (i) some of the changes made to the original code (from the old CVS repo) have not been formally tracked (ii) The goal here is not to port the code to a current version of Geant4, and./or use more recent software to handle the neutrino Ntuple, but simply to implement bug fixes such that the code runs under gcc 4.1.2, and produces the nominal plots from the PRD paper Phys rev D79 072002 (2009) This is an intermediate step... ...

    • BooNEMCG4p9

      A snap-shot of the BooNE MC beam simulation based on Geant4 v4p9. It contains the BooNEHadronPhysics list, targeted for removal upon moving to G4.10

  • Booster Studies

    This is a page for coordinating measurements and models related to ongoing Booster Studies. The studies may Booster improvement efforts in preparation for the PIP-II upgrade or may address beam physics questions with wider applicability. The original impetus for this Fermilab Redmine project is the June 2019 Booster studies, which includes participation by outside experimenters....

    • Booster Analysis Scripts

      A repository for scripts, conversion factors, and documents for Booster diagnostics and analysis.

    • Booster Emittance Growth Study

      Page for coordinating studies on Booster tune-scans, intensity and emittance growth. Referred to as study "S.09" in the June 2019 Booster studies.

    • Booster Lattice Periodicity Studies

      Page for coordinating studies on Booster lattice measurements and periodicity. Referred to as study "S.03" in the June 2019 Booster studies.

    • Booster Power Supply Noise Study

      Page for coordinating studies on Booster power supply noise and its impact on Booster beam dynamics. Referred to as study "S.02" in the June 2019 Booster studies. Studies include participation by CERN and Radiasoft.

    • Booster Transverse Instabilities

      Page for coordinating studies on Booster transverse instabilities as well as transition crossing. Referred to as study "S.01" in the June 2019 Booster studies, focusing on convective instability.

  • BuildService

    The purpose of this project is to provide a system for regular (nightly or other experiment-level) software builds by Frontier experiments and related software providers at Fermilab.


    E1061 We are proposing to install the CAPTAIN detector in
    MINERvA to study neutrino-argon interactions in the
    medium-energy NuMI beam

  • CaTS: Calorimeter and Tracker Simulation

    CaTS is a flexible and extend-able framework (based on geant4 and ROOT) for the simulation of calorimeter and tracking detectors. To be able to simulate Dual Read out calorimeters it provides special sensitive detectors and Hit classes that register both the energy deposit and the number of Cerenkov photons produced by particles above the Cerenkov threshold....

  • CDF Barcelona

    Barcelona-IFAE Z+jets, Z+HF and ZH->llbb analysis

  • CEDPS-glideinWMS

    CEDPS Activity at Fermilab
    - Provide end-to-end solution using glideinWMS
    - Integrating support in glideinWMS
    - Asynchronous Sandbox Management in Condor

    • go-condor-transfer-plugin

      Globus online condor transfer plugin

    • IF-gridftp-setup

      This project contains information on how the IF gridftp services are setup, required VM configuration files, tools and documentation.

  • cet-is

    CET group common infrastructure specification project.

    • art

      This is the home of art, which is the CET's toolkit for the building of reconstruction and triggering frameworks.

      • art Hough

        Package for studying parallel implementations of the Hough algorithm using the art package, TBB and accelerators.

      • art-HPC

        This is the home for information regarding the art-HPC project - a joint project between FNAL and ANL. The primary goal of this project is to enable a portion of the g-2 simulation with art to run on Mira at ALCF and on future HPC platforms.

      • art-mt

        Fork of ART to investigate multi-threading scenarios.

      • art-workbook

        Working space for developing an art workbook.

      • art_root_io

        This project exists to provide an interaction between the art framework and ROOT.

    • artExtensions

      Various art external services and modules which may be updated independently of art.

    • artUtilScripts

      Various utility scripts. In particular, scripts called by the Jenkins build of art.

    • canvas

      The art canvas.

    • cet-is-public

      Project for publicly accessible cet-is information.

    • cetbuildtools

      Various build tools used by CET to build products.

    • cetlib

      A collection of independent C++ components of wide utility.

      • cetlib_except

        Sub-project containing the exception classes extracted from cetlib

    • CetModules

      Provide cmake functions and macros for standardized building.

    • cetpkgsupport

      Various scripts used, for instance, by the table files for CET products.

    • CosmoSIS UPS

      This is the bundling of relocatable ups products which are needed by CosmoSIS.

    • cpp0x

      A library to facilitate programmers' early adoption of the new C++11 standard, formerly known as C++0X.

    • critic

      Integration tests (the critic's view).

    • DocDB migration

      Migrate DocDB instances to central support.

    • El Capitan Support

      This is where we will keep notes about building software on El Capitan. This is very much a work in progress.

    • fhicl

      Home of the Fermilab Hierarchical Configuration Language.

    • Framework Build Instructions

      Building the framework and all packages required by the framework.

      This is the home of the build-framework and ssibuildshims repositories.

      Here you will also find sub-repositories gcc-ssi-build, clhep-ssi-build, etc. containing the build infrastructure for external packages....

      • hep_hpc_toolkit

        Distribution and umbrella product encompassing products suitable for HPC including HDF5, MPICH, mpi4py, h5py and hep_hpc.

    • gallery

      Viewing art canvases

    • hep_concurrency

      Multi-threading utilities based on TBB.

    • messagefacility

      A C++ library for message logging.

    • mrb

      Multi Repository Build System

    • SciSoft

      Here you will find the relocatable ups distributions of software used by LArSoft, Muon g-2, Mu2e, NOvA, and other experiments and projects. This project will provide user instructions.

    • VMs and Containers

      Subproject describing cet-is VM and container support.

      • ubuntu vm

        This project is aimed toward creating a repeatable build environment for UPS-supported software on Ubuntu. It uses VirtualBox and Vagrant to establish the Ubuntu environment in a virtual machine.

        To use this, you will need both VirtualBox and Vagrant installed on your host system. This project does not help in the installation of VirtualBox or Vagrant....

    • cet-pythia6

      pythia6 as used when building the cet pythia package. This is directly from, but we split the fortran file up so a proper library can be created.

    • splines

      Representations of n-variable functions by 3rd order splines. Convolution of functions and rapid integration using the spline representations.

    • studio

      Light-weight build system enabling simple development for art.

    • tag_suite

      Package for consistent tagging of a software stack.

    • PxSuite

      Generic DAQ based on xdaq for the CMS Forward Pixel Detector testbeam at FNAL.

      • PxStibFirmware

        Firmware for the STIB - control and readout of HPK strip sensors using FSSR2.

    • PxSuiteStibFirmware

      Firmware for the STIB - control and readout of HPK strip sensors using FSSR2.

  • Comp. Security Apps

    Software developed by CST for use at Fermi

    • scanmenow

      A self-service web frontend for running vulnerability scans


    Coherent Neutrino Nucleus Interaction Experiment

  • CVMFS Support

    Project for tracking Fermilab's effort to support CVMFS and OASIS

  • FAST Beam Physics

    Projects related to beam commissioning, measurements, and simulations at the Fermilab Accelerator Science and Technology facility (FAST).

    IOTA-specific items and documentation can be found on the IOTA Redmine....

    • ADDP

      Accelerator Division Departmental Procedures for the FAST facility.

    • ASTA Simulations

      ASTA injector and beamline simulations and tracking.

    • Beam tomography

      Beam tomography at FAST.

    • Gun energy calibration

      Calibration of the electron beam energy from the rf gun using trim magnet deflections on a screen.

    • High-charge magnetized beams at FAST/IOTA

      This project explores the formation, acceleration, and manipulations of electron beams with significant canonical angular momentum (CAM) often referred to as CAM-dominated or "magnetized" beams. Such beams are foreseen to be used as "cooling" beams in high-energy electron cooling for future electron-ion colliders. Likewise, the manipulation of CAM-dominated beams enables the generation of "flat" beams, i.-e., with large transverse emittance ratio. These flat beams are expected to benefit other applications including advanced linear-collider concepts, beam-driven wakefield accelerators using asymmetric structure or plasma channel, and novel accelerator-based light sources....

    • IOTA Proton Injector

      The IOTA Proton Injector is being built to provide a proton beam to IOTA at 2.5 MeV. This Redmine Subproject is collect and organize relevant information and internal resources including drawings, meetings reports, relevant attachments, and other documents....

    • Long-Range and Short-Range Wakefield Effects on Beam Dynamics in TESLA-type Superconducting Cavities

      Ongoing study of the effects of Higher Order Modes (HOMs) in superconducting rf cavities on both the immediate bunch (Short-Range Wakes, SRW), and later bunches in a train (Long-Range Wakes, LRW). Data is collected from a variety of devices including HOM detectors within the cavities, bunch position monitors (BPMs) downstream of the cavities, and a sub-picosecond-resolution streak camera....

    • Solenoid scans

      Analysis of the rf gun solenoid scans at low charge to estimate the field gradient, the beam energy, and the beam emittance

    • Synchrotron light experiment at FAST linac D600 dipole

      Collection of resources regarding the beam experiments conducted at Fermilab IOTA/FAST on the detection of synchrotron light emitted by the electron beam passing through the D600 dipole magnet, with implication for synchrotron-light detection in the Fermilab Integrable Optics Test Accelerator....

    • tramalargu

      The tramalargu code: a transfer-matrix approach to single-particle dynamics in laser-driven rf electron guns.

  • RWP

    ESH Radiological Work Permit

  • SSPPropertyPass

    Service project containing web services pertaining to the Property Pass implementation.

  • SSPReports

    Service utilized for generating PDF reports for Self Service Property.

  • FHICL Configuration Manager

    Generic configuration manager for fhicl configuration files. Such files may be used in ARTDAQ, ART, etc. Initially this will be used by the LBNE 35ton DAQ system, but should be generic enough that any experiment using ART[DAQ] could use this.

  • FIFE

    FabrIc for Frontier Experiments (FIFE) provides collaborative scientific-data processing solutions for Frontier Experiments.

  • HEP Software Training

    This is a top level project to describe training materials and courses for HEP Software. As this site matures it will include, or point to, materials for beginners, intermediates and advanced users. It will also house materials for software schools.

    • art/LArSoft Course

      This project contains materials for a course on programming in the art and LArSoft environments. The course is intended for graduate students and postdocs who have some programming experience but who have not made significant use of the art framework, or the LArSoft libraries....

    • FNAL Software School, Summer 2014

      This project describes and contains materials for a course on programing reconstruction software for large computing projects. The course is intended for graduate students and starting postdocs who have programming experience but have not developed software within the framework of a large computing project. The course focuses on programing reconstruction software using tracking reconstruction in C++ as an example. The course is otherwise general and applies to programing problems in any large experimental particle physics project...

  • IFront

    Intensity Frontier Computing

  • JobSub

    JobSub Project

  • LArIAT

    Liquid Argon Detector Beam Test

    To obtain permission to use this site please go to and request user accounts for LArIAT T1034. Doing so will ensure that you are added to the LArIAT group and given permission to commit to the repository....

    • LArIAT Online

      LArIAT Online sources repository, documentation and discussion.

    • PixLAr

      Pixelated Liquid Argon

      This project contains the reconstruction and simulation software for PixLAr.

  • LArSoft

    This is the Liquid Argon Software (LArSoft) project. It contains simulation and reconstruction algorithms for LAr TPC detectors.

    • To obtain permission to modify or contribute code to any of the LArSoft repositories:
      Follow the instructions on the "Quick start guide" for your experiment by following the links on the Quick Links page. If you still do not have write access, then do the following: ...
    • LAr-Continuous-Integration

      This project is obsolete and superseded by lar_ci

      Scripts and tools for automatically building LArSoft and related software under the site Build Service.

      Git Repository:

    • LAr1ND code

      For the LAr1ND code repository

      • LAr1ND Utils

        This project contains the lar1nd batch submission tools. It is an experiment specific extension of larutil.

    • LArAdmin

      Administrative scripts for things like the nightly build.

    • LArAna

      For the larana ups product

    • LArCore

      for the larcore ups product

    • LArCoreAlg

      For code shared with both larsoft and larlie

    • LArCoreObj

      for the larcoreobj ups product

    • LArData

      for the lardata ups product

    • LArDataAlg

      For algorithms and service providers of general utility independent of the art framework.

    • LArDataObj

      for the lardataobj ups product

    • LArEventDisplay

      for the lareventdisplay ups product

    • LArEvt

      for the larevt ups product

    • LArExamples

      for the larexamples ups product

    • LArG4

      This will eventually replace larsim/LArG4.

    • larliteintegration

      Project to integrate LArSoft and LArLite.

    • LArPandora

      contains LArPandoraAlgorithms and LArPandoraInterface

    • LArPandoraContent

      Allow larpandoracontent to be tagged and built as part of a LArSoft release.
      The master repository is

    • LArReco

      for the larreco ups product

    • LArRecoDNN

      This project is for deep learning neural networks. The repository is on github. The initial commit supports tensorflow and trtis_clients.

    • LArRelTools

      LArSoft release management tools

    • larshoweralg

      For shower reconstruction algorithm code that is independent of analysis frameworks (e.g., art, LArLite, etc), and has only the minimal dependencies as described in the LArSoft project wiki.

    • LArSim

      for the larsim ups product

    • LArSimAlg

      For code which is shared between larsoft and larlite.

    • LArSimTools

      For LArSoft simulation tools. larsimtools will depend on lartoolobj.

    • LArSoft architecture

      Documentation about the current LArSoft architecture, plans for the future and requests for improvements.

    • LArSoft Alpha Test

      This is a project for alpha tests of the LArSoft git / cmake transition.

    • LArSoft cvs (legacy site)

      New home for legacy LArSoft site with legacy cvs repositories.

      The "LArSoft cvs" project will replace the "LArSoft" project, which is the current home for the cvs legacy site.

      Note: project under construction


    • LArSoftObj

      LArSoftObj is the umbrella that allows you to get larsimobj, lardataobj, and larcoreobj.

    • LArSystematics

      LArSoft systematic uncertainty tools.

    • LArTestAlg

      For testing code in LArDataAlg and LArSimAlg

    • LArToolObj

      LArSoft Tool management, etc. This repository will depend on lardataobj.

    • LArTPC Requirements

      Requirements on software and computing for simulating and reconstructing
      LArTPC data to achieve the physics goals of the experiments.

      The October workshop results are in the repository under tag Workshop2015.
      To access this tag, use

      $ git clone ssh:///cvs/projects/lartpc-requirements...

    • LArUtils

      LArSoft user utility scripts

    • larwirecell

      Package to integrate the Wire Cell Toolkit with LArSoft.

      $ git clone ssh://
      $ git clone
    • LBNE code

      Old LBNE Far Detector and 35t repository. For archival use. Pushes to the repository are disabled.

    • NuSystematics

      Neutrino interaction physics systematic uncertainty tools.

    • parsegdml

      An attempt to parse gdml files which include expressions and produce gdml files with just numbers.

    • uBooNE code

      For the uBooNE code repository.

      • uBAna

        Subproject of uboonecode for files with dependence on larana, larpandora, or lareventdisplay.

      • uBCRT

        Subproject of uboonecode for files related to CRT.

      • uBCV

        Subproject of uboonecode for files with dependence on larcv.

      • uBCore

        Subproject of uboonecode for low-level files (no larsoft dependence above lardata).

      • uBEvt

        Subproject of uboonecode for files with dependence on larevt.

      • uBLite

        Subproject of uboonecode for files with dependence on larlite.

      • uBObj

        Subproject of uboonecode for data products.

      • uBRaw

        Subproject of uboonecode for files related to raw data.

      • uBReco

        Subproject of uboonecode for files with dependence on larreco.

      • uBSim

        Subproject of uboonecode for files with dependence on larsim.

      • uBXSec

        Subproject of uboonecode for UBXSec files.

  • LassoEducation

    Lasso code is used on the Lasso Server ( to access databases and display it on web pages. The Education Office uses Lasso and the Filemaker and PostgreSQL servers to provide information about its activities including programs, calendars, registering for classes and workshops, the store, flora and fauna databases and more....

  • MDTM-Testbed

    Stuff to run gridftp, bbcp, mdtmApp and mdtmtester on ESnet testbed.


    A home for Minos Redmine projects.

  • Network Services

    Projects for the Network Services group

  • Continuous Integration (CI)

    Continuous integration is a software engineering practice in which changes in a software code are immediately tested and reported. The Continuous integration Projcet (CI) aims to apply the continuous Integration development practice to all projects/collaborations/experiments that make the request. The goal is to provide rapid feedback helping identifying defects introduced by code changes as soon as possible. Issues detected early on in development are typically smaller, less complex and easier to resolve....

    • art_ci

      Continuous integration config package for Art

    • genie_ci

      Continuous integration config package for GENIE

    • glideinwms_ci

      Continuous integration config package for GlideinWMS

    • gm2_ci

      Continuous integration config package for g-2

    • lar_ci

      Continuous integration config package for LArSoft based experiment code

    • minerva_ci

      Continuous integration config package for MINERvA

    • nova_ci

      Continuous integration config package for NOvA

    • rivet_ci

      Continuous integration config package for Rivet

    • test_ci

      Continuous integration config package to test new features


    DAMIC Experiment

  • Dark Energy Spectroscopic Survey [DESpec]

    A next-generation spectroscopic survey of the southern sky.

  • Dark Energy Survey

    Private internal pages for the Dark Energy Survey (DES) Collaboration. You need a Fermilab Services account and must be added to the DES group in order to view the DES Project pages

  • darkart

    The offline DarkSide project.
    Clone the repository using
    git clone ssh:///cvs/projects/darkart
    Make sure to kinit before doing so.
    See the wiki pages for instructions.

  • darkside

    DarkSide Software Repository

    • darkmon

      Monitoring modules for DarkSide.

    • darkside-public

      Public DS50 pages

    • darksidecore

      This project contains the DarkSide code that is useful for both online and offline.

    • ds50daq

      Event-builder and filter code for the DarkSide-50 DAQ.

      Check out the code from the repository (for development) with:

      git clone ssh://

      or (for read-only use)

      git clone

  • DCSO

    This is a parent project for the DCSO department projects

  • DDS Eval

    examples from DDS dist

  • DMS

    This is a parent project for the DMS department projects

  • DUNE

    Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment top-level project

    • DUNE Approved Plots

      This code pulls approved plot information from the DUNE DocDB and creates web pages with the plots grouped by category.

    • Dune Computing

      Information on Dune computing and other computing related topics. Go here for everything from how to get started with the software, to how to run jobs, to which to find your data.

      • dune-daq-firmware

        Firmware development for the DUNE Data Acquisition system.

        Check out the code from the repository (for development) with:

        git clone ssh://

        or (for read-only use)

        git clone

      • DUNE Online Computing Coordination

        Documents and notes related to the work on DUNE Online Computing Coordination.

      • dune-raw-data

        Overlay classes, etc., for protoDUNE and DUNE


      DUNE NDTF software repository, and wiki for documentation.

    • DUNE NearDet Design

      Shared workspace for DUNE Near Detector Design effort.
      (post- Task Force, pre- actual finalized design)

    • Dune Production

      Information on Dune Production related topics.

    • dunebsm

      Searches for Beyond the Standard Model Physics with DUNE

    • dunefgt

      DUNE Fine-Grained Tracker Near Detector

    • dunelbl

      DUNE Long-Baseline Physics Code and Documentation

      To obtain permission to use this site:
      0) To obtain any computing access you must first be added to the DUNE collaboration list. You need your IB rep to do that.
      1) Get setup as a Fermilab/DUNE user here...

    • dunendk

      DUNE Nucleon Decay Code and Documentation

    • dunetpc

      Project for DUNE LArTPC simulation, reconstruction and analysis

      • protoduneana

        Analysis software for ProtoDUNE-SP and ProtoDUNE-DP

    • ProtoDUNE

      The project to build prototype for the DUNE detector data management, workflow management and analysis

    • WA105

      Dual-Phase TPC in a charged-particle beam at CERN

  • Discrepancy Audits

    A web page showing two sets of audits:
    1) Registration Audits - Reports the discrepancies between MISCOMP, ServiceNow and Infoblox for System, DNS, MAC address and Cluster records.
    2) Property Office Audits - Primarily reports registered devices that are currently on and off the Fermilab network. Error cases are reported separately....

  • E-Center

    E-Center is DOE funded project and led by Maxim Grigoriev with Phil DeMar(FNAL), Brian Tierny(ESnet), Mike Fry(Bucknell) as PIs.

  • E-NuMI

    This is the jump page for E-NuMI (Exploiting the NuMI beam) working group.

    The group is being coordinated by Tricia Vahle (vahle AT and Jenny Thomas (jthomas AT

    There are a number of ideas which have been floated for augmenting the NuMI beam with new detectors at different L/E. ...

  • ECloud

    Experimental and computational studies of the Electron Cloud at Fermilab.

  • Electron lenses

    Resources related to electron lenses and their applications to accelerators, including the dynamics of magnetically confined electron beams, compensation of beam-beam effects in colliders, and collimation with hollow electron beams. The project is maintained by the Accelerator Physics Center in the Fermilab Accelerator Division....

  • EMMA

    Enhanced Magnetic Measurement Applications

    A new generation measurement system for testing accelerator magnets.

    • Mu2e FMS

      To ascertain the correct operation of the Mu2e magnet system, the fields in each of the solenoids must be known at various stages of installation and commissioning of the system. A dedicated field mapping system will be developed to perform these measurements, especially for the DS magnet....


    EMPHATIC (T1396): Experiment to Measure the Production of Hadrons At a Test-beam In Chicagoland.

  • Enstore

    Enstore provides distributed access to and management of data stored on tape. It provides a generic interface so experimenters can efficiently use mass storage systems as easily as if they were native file systems.

    • Enstore Git

      This subproject contains informaion related to enstore git repository structure and workflow.

    • Enstore Metrics and Monitoring Improvement

      This project goal is to improve metrics and monitoring.

    • Enstore SSA tools

      Project to host git repository with SSA tools (e.g. migration scripts).

    • Fermi Tape Tools

      Fermi Tape Tools

    • File Aggregation

      Package small files into larger containers suitable for effective storage within Enstore and more effective user access to such files.

    • Tape drive degradation

      Detect a degradation of tape drive and alert sys admin that actions are needed to replace it.

    • mtx

      MTX is SCSI Tape Attached Medium Changer Control Program.
      Original mtx has no git repository. So I took it and put into git.

      • mtx rpm patches

        This are patches to build mtx rpm.
        MTX is SCSI Tape Attached Medium Changer Control Program.
        It has been patched in Cent OS to fix code.
        I also have one patch, allowing to use mtx as not just command-line tool, but as the library routines.

  • Transport

    Transport and related charged particle beam optics programs. The code is not being maintained; it is offered "as is". This a snapshot of what was in Dave Carey's directory.

    • archiv: everything that was there; some of the 'make' files and VAX '.com' files may be instructive regarding which files to compile...
  • fast

    FAST is a set of tools for collecting, managing, and analyzing data about code performance.

    A description of the purpose of the FAST project is available in The FAST project.
    Instructions for use of the FAST toolkit is available in FAST User's Manual....

  • Fermi Software Distribution

    This is an umbrella package for ups, upd and related tools.

    • upd

      Package distribution framework

  • FermiCloud

    Software enhancements to open-source software used in FermiCloud deployment.

    • AWS on-demand

      This project demonstrate the launching of on demand Grid services on Amazon Web Services. Services include Squid and job sub-servers/

    • Cloud Computing Program and Project Planning

      This is where we will keep our planning documents, gantt charts, etc. for the overall FermiCloud program of work.

    • FermiCloud OpenStack

      This subproject contains user information on how to use and maintain the new FermiCloud OpenStack service

    • Idle VM Detection

      FermiCloud sub-project on reliable idle VM detection

    • OpenNebula X509 Authorization

      X509 authorization for the OpenNebula cloud management system.

    • OpenNebula XACML Authorization

      XACML callout for authorization in OpenNebula cloud management service.

    • Reverse Proxy Web Service

      A fork of the jEasy Reverse Proxy ( with the modification of supporting https->http proxying, and adding client certificates to the http header in the fashion of apache mod_ssl. Intended to be used with JGlobus in Tomcat, so that delegated credentials can be supported via https. Includes an additional class for JGlobus which acts as a Tomcat Valve to place the client certificate chain in the request attributes. Availability of the certificate chain allows the target web service to authorize based on DN, etc....

    • vmm-kvm-sriov-idle

      Maintains the FermiCloud project where an OpenNebula 3.2 compatible Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) driver that enables SRIOV (infiniband) and Idle machine detection is maintained.

  • FermiCloud Usage Monitoring

    This project is the set of scripts that perform the (temporary since 2011...) FermiCloud Usage Monitoring.

  • FermiCloud-Accounting

    Sub project of FermiCloud to deal with the accounting aspect.

  • FermiGrid Service Monitoring

    The FermiGrid Service Monitoring package is a set of scripts to monitor the infrastructure and services offered by the Fermilab Campus Grid (FermiGrid).

  • FermiNebula

    FermiCloud Modifications to OpenNebula3.2 and 4.4 Source Codes

  • FermiTools

    See the wiki for details

  • fmkid

    Fermilab work on Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors

  • frontier

    Client and server software that provides read access to SQL-based databases in a way that works well with standard http caches and has been proven to scale to hundreds of thousands of simultaneous clients worldwide.

    Complete overview is at

  • FTBF

    Fermilab Test Beam Facility software development.

    • cc-usb

      Python wrapper around the Linux driver software for the Wiener CC-USB CAMAC crate controller provided by Wiener.

      Scientific Linux Fermi 6 (SLF6) and SLF5 have been tested. SLF is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

    • sjylx

      Linux software interface for the Jorway 73A SCSI CAMAC Crate Controller. The SJYLX (SCSI Jorway Linux) interface uses version 2 of the scsi generic driver on Linux.

      Scientific Linux Fermi 6 (SLF6) and SLF5 have been tested. SLF is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux....


      Integrated DAQ for all FTBF beam line instrumentation.

    • Remote Access

      Create a remote access program. SLAM group has already implemented a virtual machine product that needs testing. Allows users to connect to FTBF machines and do command line work as needed.

    • Wire Chamber DAQ

      Code development for MWPCs. Will include the following:
      Reading out the wire chambers
      DAQ Services (in progress)
      Tracking code (in progress)

  • Fermi Redmine

    This project houses the fermilab local copy of Redmine, which has some local modifications
    regarding repository creation.

    The wiki will have/has documentation on using our local repository creation tools.

    • CMB

      Cosmic Microwave Background at Fermilab and environs

    • Desktop Engineering

      Project that encapsulates both Mac and Windows sub-projects.

      • gm2_models

        Here we will detail lattice models for the Fermilab g-2 Experiment

    • test-cvs

      Project to test cvs repository creation/browsing

    • test-git

      Project to test git repository creation/browsing

    • test-svn

      Project to test Subversion repository creation/browsing

    • redmine-lib

      Bash library of routines for automating things with Redmine.

    • smsAnalysis

      Analysis classes and ROOT macros for using data coming from the silicon microstrip project (WH 14) under Ron Lipton.

  • Fxx Project Documentation

    A place to keep documentation/notes for Projects I have been involved in.

  • g4hpc

    This is the home for work on Fermilab's Field Work Proposal for the Geant4 re-engineering effort.

    • g4hpcbenchmarks

      This is the home for cmsExp, SimplifiedCalo, and potentially other code that make use of g4hpc, our own version of Geant4.

  • GArSoft

    Simulation, reconstruction and analysis software for high pressure gaseous argon time projection chambers (HPGTPCs). This software is based on the ART framework and uses the nutools toolkit.

  • Geant4 ASCR

    This project is the home of Fermilab's contributions to Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) for Geant4 performance analysis and tuning

    • g4EMreview

      Geant4 Electromagnetic Physics Code Review

  • GOAT

    GAr Operation of ALICE TPC

  • HepPDT

    HepPDT contains the fixed data about each particle type. In other words, it contains the data that can be found in the Review of Particle Properties.

    This data is conceptually split into particle information (e.g. mass) and decay information. HepPDT provides a simple set of particle data classes. Particle ID translation methods are in a separate HepPID library, which is distributed as part of HepPDT....

  • High Throughput Data Program

    High Through Data Program: Work done primarily by DOCS group in the area of 100G networks

  • HPC

    High Performance computing

    • HPC-LQ

      HPC Institutional Cluster

      Documentation on installation and administration of Fermilab's HPC Institutional Cluster acquired in 2019 for LQCD.


    Parent project for ICARUS software work.

  • ILCdoc

    Development of CDS-Invenio for the ILC

  • IOTA

    Integrable Optics Test Accelerator: a storage ring designed for testing advanced
    accelerator physics concepts


    Develop capabilities needed to host the Joint Dark Energy Mission (JDEM) Science Operations Center (SOC) at Fermilab.

    For instruction on accessing the several software repositories established for the JDEM project, see

  • Jira2Snow

    Migration tools for getting tickets from Jira into Service-Now

  • knoepfel

    Playground for my own purposes.

  • l3-framework-usecases

    To find the pre-built use case catalog document, please navigate to the "documents" tab.

  • Gratia v2 Development

    Gratia2 is for collecting documents, links, and code related to the next evolution of the Gratia accounting software and for Fermilab-specific development.

    The current Gratia project is maintained on SourceForge:


    Geant4 simulation of H2O, D2O and liquid argon targets

  • LAPD
    The Liquid Argon Purity Demonstration
    • To obtain permission to use this site:
      1) Log onto redmine with your Services Account
      2) Let us know when you are online...
  • LAr Batch Tools

    Batch submission and workflow tools for LAr experiments.

  • lar-wct-int

    to be deleted. see larwirecell

  • LBNE

    Top level project to help group all the LBNE related subprojects. The goal is to have the Fermilab Redmine be the repository for LBNE.

  • LBNE ND Muon Systems

    This area is meant to be a project area for the LBNE muon systems. It should include documentation and software related to their design and to the tests of prototypes in the NuMI alcoves.

  • lcsim

    linear collider simulation project

  • ldrd_lanl

    Geant4 simulation for H2O D2O targets


    Documentation and usage notes for the beam-beam simulation code Lifetrac

  • ANL Up/Down Converter Builds 2020/2021

    This sub-project is for the construction and test of UP- and DOWN-Converter chassis for Argonne National Laboratory Advanced Photon Source (APS) Upgrade Project LLRF systems. We will be building a small quantity of units at different frequencies than our "standard" ones. These frequencies are 352MHz and 1408MHz; therefore some small design changes will be required in the form of changing some of the filter components....

  • CMTS Q0 Extract

    Scripts used to extract Q0 from Acnet data at CMTS.

  • Group Management

    Tasks associated with group.

  • LBL LLRF System

    This area has been created as a collection point for the LBNL Low Level RF System Setup and Operation

  • LLFrontends

    Code for VME/VXI Front-Ends

  • LLShared

    Code for VME/VXI Front-Ends from the "rfies/shared" CVS sub-project

  • Main Injector

    All operational support and upgrades to the Main Injector LLRF system.

  • BOE and RLS

    All docs relating to BOE and RLS development.

  • MEBT Chopper

    This covers all issues and work associated with the MEBT choppers and their associated drivers

  • PIP-II IT Beam Pattern Generator

    This Beam Pattern Generator (BPG) is the system that drives the MEBT chopper/kicker for beam bunch selection. This project is the next step from the original 200 ohm chopper driver that was built in 2017 and can be viewed as an repackaging and expansion of that design....


    This covers all issues related to the RFQ

  • Recycler Mu2e

    This is to address operational issues with the recycler

  • VMEdsp

    The VME/VXI LLRF systems' DSP code, ported from Nova CVS.

  • LQCD Monitoring Database

    Database support for monitoring the performance of LQCD clusters.
    Git repository URL:

  • LQCD Sensor Framework

    Framework for monitoring the performance of LQCD clusters.

  • LQCD Workflow

    This project aims at providing a workflow environment for running, monitoring and managing Lattice QCD campaigns.
    The content was migrated from an earlier RedMine site which in turn was migrated from an even earlier wiki.


    Code and discussion related to a DDS feasibility study for LSST DAQ.

    Obtaining the repository:

    git clone \

    Suggested git workflow to minimize non-trivial merges....

  • MAGIS-100

    Repository for MAGIS-100

  • codeDocify

    See here for instructions and an example.

  • Export PDF Annotations

    See HERE for information.

  • GeantToVTK

    See HERE for information and instructions.

    See the bottom of that page for a zip file to download.

    Look at a small gallery of screen shots. ...

  • incrWeave

    An R package for running Sweave incrementally by caching results that haven't changed.

    See the wiki for more information.

  • ipython_ext

    ipython extensions

  • RootTreeToR

    Read Root Trees in R (and more!). See the Wiki for information, including installation instructions.

  • sbrew

    An R package for document creation

  • snpy

    Service Now viewing with Python

  • maaws

    Monitoring As A Web service is a set of scripts that use RRDtool and a webserver to provide
    a centralized monitoring site where data can be fed in and graphed over time to provide
    useful, end user customizable, straightforward monitoring with alarms.

  • MCAS

    The Metrics Correlation and Analysis Service (MCAS) is a web-based monitoring service that provides an integral solution to warehousing, querying, transforming, and displaying of operational metrics.

  • mediawiki2textile

    conversion tool for getting medawiki pages into textile in redmine or elsewhere.

  • MeetingMaker to Exchange

    ics file converter that fixes up Meetingmaker ics files for Exchange.

  • MILC Layout

    Work on the tuning of MILC's layout of MPI ranks.

  • CCQENu Management

    This project has descriptions of how the software work, will track and assign issues.

    Follow dialogue on our slack channel #ccqenu. It was originally set up as a private channel so message Dan to get access. If you know how to convert a private channel to public message Dan....

  • MINERvA Configurator

    Hardware configuration scripts and codes for Minerva electronics.

  • MINERvA Run Control

    Run Control software for operation of the MINERvA DAQ

  • Minerva Job Submission Scripts

    This is a project for rewriting ProductionScripts in clean and maintainable way

  • Personal Projects

    Personal software projects for Minerva collaborators. (Replaces old Personal CVS repo.)

  • MINERvA Software Infrastructure

    This project is for tracking issues and work on MINERvA Software Infrastructure - defined here to be all of the plumbing below the level at which common physics analyzers need to worry about framework and tool organization.

    • Eroica Production

      Eroica production using v10r8p4 of the MINERvA framework. Full low energy (LE) and as much of the medium energy (ME) MC and Data processing as calibrations will allow.

  • MINOS Online

    Online sources repository, documentation and discussion.

  • PlotUtils Management

    Centralization of work done on PlotUtils.

  • mps

    Multi-particle spectrometer.

  • Mu2e

    Top level project for Mu2e. Most information should be in sub-projects.

    If you would like to add a new sub-project, please contact the Mu2e redmine managers.

  • g-2 Art Examples

    Some examples involving Art for g-2 folks.

    See the codedocify pages for documentation.

  • g-2 DQM

    Repository for DQM code (ROME, paraview, etc), segmented by calo, tracker, field, etc.

  • g-2 public

    Public pages for g-2

  • g-2 Release Tools

    Tools to help construct a g-2 release.

    This product is used by release managers at Fermilab and those administrating remote release areas.

    See the Wiki for further instructions.

  • g-2 TWiki Conversion

    Convert the g-2 TWiki to this Redmine WIki

    See the Wiki here (click above) for info.

    The repository has the code I wrote to do the conversion.

    Work on this is tracked in JIRA in GMTWO-8

  • g2field

    This project will hold code that reads in and analyzes the NMR probe data, trolley position and other field parameters. We plan to develop software to produce the omega_p systematic uncertainty table. This should eventually facilitate the multipole composition analysis of the field....

  • gm2analyses

    Analyses for g-2

  • gm2aux

    Auxiliary detector code

  • gm2beams

    Muon g-2 beamline simulation

    • G4beamline

      G4beamline code customized for g-2 beamline simulations

    • MARS

      MARS simulations of the pion production target

  • gm2calo

    g-2 calorimetry reconstruction and analysis code

  • gm2dataproducts

    Data products for Muon g-2 experiment. This repository holds all the structs used by simulation (gm2ringsim), DAQ (gm2midastoart), data unpacking (gm2unpackers) and data reconstruction (gm2aux, gm2calo and gm2tracker).

    A document describing the DAQ data products is available here:...

  • gm2field

    omega_p code

  • gm2geom

    Geometry for Muon g-2

  • gm2mcdataproducts

    Monte Carlo Data Products for Muon g-2

  • gm2midas

    MIDAS for g-2

  • gm2midastoart

    Midas to art

  • gm2MTest2012

    Code for the g-2 MTest 2012

  • gm2optics

    Optics files for the Muon Campus Beamlines

  • gm2planning

    Strategic planning and management for g-2 software

  • gm2reconeast

    Recon East

  • gm2ringsim

    The Ring simulation for g-2 (was g2MIGTRACE)

  • gm2SoftwareTools

    Tools needed for g-2 Software

    • Scripts for writing and building software
    • Buildbot configured for g-2 (NOT YET)

    --->>> See here for documentation...

  • gm2strawtracking

    Tracking code for the straws

  • gm2tracker

    Code for digitization and tracking for straw tracking hits

  • gm2unpackers

    Source code for unpacking Midas bank data for Muon g-2 experiment. All the unpacking modules are intended to be used to unpack/parse Midas banks converted by gm2midastoart into art records like MidasBankArtRecord, MidasEventHeaderArtRecord and MidasODBArtRecord....

  • gm2util

    Utility code for g-2 (shared among tracking and calorimetry)

  • gm2viz

    g-2 visualizations

  • gm2db

    Database code and scripts

  • gm2ilratio

    g-2 precession analysis by the UIUC+FNAL groups from Illinois.

  • gm2sc

    Slow control

  • gm2simvalidation

    Validation of the g-2 simulation

  • Neat Topics for Developers

    A project for the Neat Topics Developers occasional series of presentations and discussions, providing links to previous presentations and details about future topics.

  • Neutrino Division LArTPC Test Stands

    This project is intended to keep track of support and engineering issues relating to the Neutrino Division LArTPC test stands at PAB (TallBo, Blanche, MTS), PC4 (membrane cryostat prototype), and MC7 (LArIAT).

  • Noble Detector R&D

    Project for work relating to noble liquid detector R&D

    • TallBo

      This project is the jumping off point for efforts using the TallBo test stand at the PAB. Each sub-project represents the efforts of a group using TallBo.

      • Fermiab Neutrino Division

        This project represents the efforts of the Fermilab Neutrino Division taking place at the TallBo test stand.

    • xcd

      Subproject for xcd related daq and analysis code.

      To start, use:

      git clone ssh:///cvs/projects/xcd

      Richard has put detailed instructions on the docdb (see Hugh or Richard for access):

    • Xelda

      Repository related to xelda data and analysis, including slow control and daq stuff. There is a top level directory, xelda-code, which has nothing in it. There are three sub repositories, daqman, slow-control, and analysis. If you click on the Repository tab, you can find each of them in a little menu to the right. ...

  • NOvA

    NOvA experiment development projects

    This is the main NOvA project.

    • To obtain permission to use this site:
      1) Log onto redmine with your Services Account...
    • NOvA DAQ

      DAQ Welcome Page

      Read the Welcome page for how to get started.

      The DAQ Redmine site is divided into general branches according to people's typical interest in the DAQ:

      • SL7 Migration - A collection of hints/notes how to migrate from SL6 to SL7 for the NOvA DAQ systems....
    • NOvA Database

      Details of the NOvA databases servers and client interfaces and APIs.

    • NOvA Data Driven Trigger

      The Data-Driven Triggering System for the NOvA experiment is a system that allows for real-time processing of the NOvA data stream to identify topologies of interest within the raw, unfiltered data stream.

      This system allows for the use of robust reconstruction and identification algorithms to be run to "trigger" the recording of segments of the detector's readouts. This system integrates with the NOvA Data Acquisition (DAQ) system as well as providing support for running analysis ...

    • Nova Det. Controls

      Information and documentation pertaining to the Nova Detector Controls systems.

      • NOvA-DCS

        Project for the NOvA DCS (Detector Control System).

    • NOvA Production

      NOvA experiment Production group.

      This is the landing page for the Production group.

    • NOvA Test Beam

      The home of planning, scheduling for the NOvA Test Beam effort.

    • NOvA-ART

      NOvA experiment software development project

      This is the NOvA offline software project using the ART framework. This is our main development branch.

      To obtain permission to use this site:

      1) Log onto redmine with your Services Account
      2) Let us know when you are online...

      • HDF5 Maker

        Write NOvA data as HDF5

        svn co svn+ssh:///cvs/projects/hdf5-maker

      • NOvA validation

        Validation suite for Nova

      • NOvA-SAM

        This is the landing page for NOvA SAM related information

        • NOvA Production Projects

          Project to prepare and enable the NOvA Experiment to meet their Monte Carlo and production needs for the first physics analysis results from the Far Detector.

          The project focuses on the development of key infrastructure in the NOvA software suite that will allow the Monte Carlo generation, key stages of production and reconstruction to run on both FermiGrid resources and resources at offsite institutions. This project includes the deployment of a CVMFS infrastructure for the distribution of NOvA code and for the dissemination of the calibration and analysis template files. It also includes the modification of existing software to support running under a CVMFS distribution structure and the development (where necessary) of new software infrastructure. ...

      • Supernova Analysis

        Wiki to document changes, issues, and feature requests for the NOvA Exotics, Supernova analysis.

    • NOvA-Docs

      This is the project containing NOvA documents for conference proceedings, papers, collaboration documents, etc.

    • NOvA
      • NOvA experiment project and repository

      This version of the NOvA software is experimental. It uses svn+cmt for installation. The repositories are not guaranteed to be synchronized. The default for the moment is the cvs repository . ...

    • Young NOvA

      Landing page for Young NOvA-related information.

      Email: young_nova AT
      Slack: #young_nova

      YN President: Justin Vasel <jvasel AT>
      YN IB Rep: Biswaranjan Behera <bbehera AT>

  • NOvA DAQ SW Test Project

    Project to test viewing of cdcvs and novacvs repositories.

  • NOvA Operations

    A project for issue tracking, documentation, etc. for NOvA shifts, installation and commissioning.

    • Far Detector...
  • NuMI Beam

    The goal of NuMI Beam project to share common simulation and analysis efforts amongst the NuMI experiments (e.g. MINOS, Minerva, ArgoNeuT and NOvA)

    To access the rest of this project you must be a member of the NuMI-X group and agree to abide by the rules of the group. Those with redmine access are in the list to right....

  • nuSTORM

    nuSTORM Project and Repository

  • NuTools

    This is the home of the nutools git repository.

    • NuEvdb

      NuEvdb contains the EventDisplayBase portion of NuTools

    • NuG4

      Geant4 interface from NuTools

    • NuGen

      Generator interfaces to art for GENIE and GiBUU.

    • NuSimData

      Home for the nusimdata git repository.

    • NuSoft/NuTools

      NuSoft code written in the ART framework

    • PPFX

      Package to Predict the FluX (PPFX) implements the hadron production corrections and propagate uncertainties of the NuMI beam line. It is an experiment-independent neutrino flux determination package for the NuMI beam that provides a correction for hadron production mis-modeling using almost all relevant external data. ...

      • G4HP

        Code to extract geant4 cross sections from a thin target simulation.

  • NuUtils

    A overarching project for neutrino related code not related to the ART framework

    • Dk2Nu

      This package consolidates the disparate formats of neutrino beam simulation "flux" files.

      There is code to define the ROOT TTree format, assist in filling it in the beam simulations, and an interface to GENIE.

      These "flux" files encapsulate information about the hadron or muon decay the gave rise to a neutrino. Using the particulars allows the re-evaluation the probability (and energy) of the neutrino ray passing through any arbitrary point....

    • FluxReader

      A framework for making distributions from "flux" files (e.g. Dk2Nu files)

    • G4NuPhysicsLists

      Alternative Geant4 PhysicsList Factory and specialized neutrino-oriented PhysicsLists.

      Current lists beyond G4 supplied lists: NuBeam

      PhysicsLists can be acquired from the g4nu::G4PhysListFactory based on a name string; the factory is extensible by allowing new lists to register themselves (thus not requiring the factory to be recompiled to extend known lists)....

  • Off-the-Shelf DAQ

    For more information please checkout the Wiki:

    And here is the project website:

    Here is the list of projects connected with otsdaq:


  • Offline Production Operations Service

    Offline Production Operations Service takes the raw data from experiments and transforms it through a series of stages to a format that allows physicists to do analysis on the data. The group accepts requests from experimenters through the SNOW system and submit, monitor and report on jobs to make Production happen. We also support other services on which Production processing relies....

  • ORKA

    Project for the ORKA $K^{+}\
u$ experiment

    • ORKA ILCroot

      This is the ILCRoot simulation and analysis software framework and application for the ORKA project. For more information see the wiki.

      Updates of note are in news...

  • OSG-Engage-LSST

    The Open Science Grid provides computational cycles for member communities. The OSG engagement activity provides support for new scientific communities with the goal of running scientific computations on the OSG.The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) is working with the OSG to run simulation jobs on the Grid....

  • OSG-Geant4-OSGMM

    Scripts and documentation for the installation of an instance of OSGMM (the OSG MatchMaker) to manage reference software installations of Geant4 for Geant4's internal validation jobs.

  • OSG-globusonline

    Classes to use for data movement


    Set of rules, microservices and auxiliary scripts for integration of IRODS and OSG public storage

  • pahlka

    Project for pahlka personal projects


    Small readout program for VME digitizer board

  • PIP

    Proton Improvement Plan (PIP) Redmine area.

    • VIPRAM

      Test firmware for the VIPRAM_L1CMS ASIC. Target is Xilinx KC705 development board with a custom FMC mezzanine.

    • VIPRAM_L1CMS test firmware

      Firmware for testing VIPRAM_L1CMS ASIC. Target is Xilinx KC705 development board with custom FMC mezzanine.

  • PPD/EED/Online Support

    PPD/EED/Online Support Group

  • Production Operations Management Service (POMS)

    The Production Operations Management Service (POMS) is a project to design a service which will assist the production teams and the analysis groups of the experiments in their scientific computational work.
    POMS aims to provide a system that enables automated jobs submission on distributed resources according customers’ requests and subsequent monitoring and recovery of failed submissions, debugging and record keeping....

  • Project Management Review Tracking DB

    A an application to keep track of project reviews and review participants created per request of Project Management Improvement Initiative Steering Group (PMII SG)

  • Public Lustre File System

    Informations related to DMS plfs

  • PXPS

    Parent project for Project X Physics Study Projects

    • PXPS Calorimeter

      Calorimetry working group of FNAL Project X Physics Study, Summer 2012

  • QuarkNet

    Project to house the QuarkNet SVN repository

  • Rational Team Concert Eval

    Evaluation of IBM Rational Team Concert, related tools, and the underlying Jazz platform.

  • Recocert Framework

    Tools to run the D0 recocert jobs

  • Reconstruction Group

    The SCD Reconstruction Group has two mandates: to assist and augment the efforts of experiments/projects; and to explore new ideas and techniques that may be of value to the experiments/projects. See the Wiki page for more detail.

  • Redmin-ServiceNow-Integration

    For integrating ServiceNow with Redmine

  • Remote Operations Centers

    A document repository and WIKI for the ROC-West (Neutrino) and the ROC-East (CMS) in Fermilab Wilson Hall Atrium

  • Saturday Morning Physics

    The Saturday Morning Physics program sponsored by particle physics division.

  • SBFD

    Provides support and repositories for the Short Baseline Far Detector

  • SBN

    The main project for the Short-Baseline Neutrino Program

    • SBN Analysis Group

      Welcome to the redmine page for the physics analysis working group of the Short-Baseline Neutrino program.

    • SBNCode

      SBN simulation & analysis code

    • SBN Continuous Integration

      Contains the various scripting needed to produce SBN-wide physics and computing level checks in the continuous integration system.

  • SBN Online

    Shared project/repositories for SBN Online Software

    • sbndcs

      Short Baseline Detector Control Systems Project (Slow Controls)

    • sbndqm

      Short Baseline Neutrino Data Quality Monitoring

    • wibtools

      Stand alone tools for controlling, configuring and monitoring the WIBs, FEMBs, PTCs, and MMB

  • SBND: The Short-Baseline Near Detector

    The top-level project for the Short-Baseline Near Detector experiment, SBND. SBND is the near detector in the three LAr TPC Short-Baseline Neutrino (SBN) program on the Fermilab Booster Neutrino Beam (BNB).

    • SBND code

      Code repository for simulation, reconstruction and analysis based on LArSoft (sbndcode).

    • SBND utility scripts

      SBND batch submission tools. This is SBND extension of larutil.

    • Vertical Slice Test

      Sub-project for the electronics vertical slice test using LArIAT.

      To obtain permission to use this site:

      1) Log onto redmine with your Services Account
      2) Let us know when you are online
      3) We will add you as a developer

      Contact Minerba Betancourt betan009 <at> to be added to the site. Other managers in the list can also add you....

    • sbnddaq

      The DAQ Redmine site for SBND.

  • Scientific Data Management

    Scientific Data Management Projects and Services

  • Scientific DB Applications

    Scientific Database Applications group site

    • Components DB

      The database for DUNE hardware

    • DES Collaboration Tools

      Dark Energy Survey applications: Publication Board, Speakers, Members

    • Electronic Collaboration Logbook

      Electronic Collaboration Logbook (ECL) is an application used by multiple experiments and groups
      at FNAL. Currently we support 20 CRL instances.

    • FERRY

      Frontier Experiments RegistRY (FERRY).
      The primary goal of this project is to create account registry and quota management for Fermilab experimenters. FERRY will allow various services, including GPGrid Batch, dCache, EOS, NIS, POMS and many others, that provide users with authorized access to computing and storage systems to get a user account, current quota and relevant paths to home directory or storage from one centralized place. Instead of currently used multiple repositories that are serving as a source for users' account mapping, we propose to gather and store all information in a central repository. We will provide Restful API that will allow all existing services to pull this information from the central repository. We will also automate as much a possible the workflows that are initiated from Service Now as requests for an account, storage, and quota increase. ...

    • Hardware DB

      Generalized hardware database configurable to each experiment.

    • IFBeam

      Intensity Frontier Accelerator and Beam Data collection and management project

    • LibWDA

      Development of Web Data Aaccess library for Intensity Frontier experiments.

      • FIFE

        Web Data Access API

  • Scientific Linux

    Scientific Linux source repository

  • Scientist Survey (Ruby)

    There are about 300 scientists whom are requested to supply effort data for the previous fiscal year and estimates for the coming five fiscal years. This application is for that data entry. There are proposals to replace this application for a more advanced application. If so, then these notes may assist in that application's development....

  • scirep

    Tools for writing dynamic and reproducible scientific reports

  • Screen Snapshot Service

    The Screen Snapshot Service (S^3) is a remote monitoring tool that creates periodic snapshots of selected computer screens and makes them available for viewing via a web browser.

  • SeaQuest

    E-906/SeaQuest experiment repositories and projects


    Automation of the SELVA magnet coil winding machine

  • SLAM sat6 ccv automation

    "" script to publish CR and Workstations CCVs monthly.

    This script runs on all CCVs listed in a file "ccv_list "
    - gathers all CVs from all CCVs in a file
    - publishes all the CVs found in a list.

    Publish CCVs
    - selects latest version of CVs...

  • Sharepoint

    Local sharepoint bits.

  • Simulation Tools and Features

    Simulation Activities in the Physics and Detector Simulation Group
    mainly in support of Fermilab Intensity Frontier Experiments

    • artg4tk
      //               __        __ __  __  __  
      //   ____ ______/ /_____ _/ // / / /_/ /__
      //  / __ `/ ___/ __/ __ `/ // /_/ __/ //_/
      // / /_/ / /  / /_/ /_/ /__  __/ /_/ ,<   
      // \__,_/_/   \__/\__, /  /_/  \__/_/|_|  
      //               /____/                  ...
    • G4WebApp

      Geant 4 Validation Repository

      • G4WebAppNG

        This is the replacement of the Geant 4 hadronic web application. This new application uses the moder primefaces toolkit which is based on JSF

      • Geant4 CVMFS repository

        Here we describe how to install software and access the geant4 cvmfs repository

      • Professor-based Parameter Variation

        This subproject is devoted to investigation of using professor to explore the tuning of Geant4 hadronic model parameterizations

      • Liquid Argon Validation Project

        The goal of this project is to identify physics processes that are of particular interest for experiments based on liquid Argon TPC technology. For this we will provide a set of tests that can be used to simulate the processes and establish how well these are described by the Geant4 simulation. The tests will have the necessary hooks to vary parameters of interest like choice of physics lists, step length limits, parallel geometries etc. The results of this test will provide guidance about how to set up Geant4 in an optimal way (geometry, physics list, cuts...). The processes we plan to look into are:...

    • GENIE

      This workspace exists for efforts focused on the use of GENIE by FNAL experiments.

      GENIE (Generates Events for Neutrino Interaction Experiments) is an Object-Oriented Neutrino MC Generator supported and developed by an international collaboration of neutrino interaction experts. GENIE is currently being used by T2K, MINOS, NOvA, MINERvA, ArgoNEUT, MicroBooNE, LBNE, INO and others....

    • Pythia

      Pythia6 and Pythia8 at Fermilab

  • storage-investigation-2010-11

    This project investigates distributed storage solutions for Grid and Cloud computing with a focus on the use cases of the Fermilab Stakeholders. The initially targeted platforms are FermiGrid, FermiCloud, GCPF. The storage technologies investigated are Lustre, Hadoop, BlueArc, etc. ...

  • sub

    testing on creating sub project

  • SuperCDMS

    Redmine site for software for the Super Cryognic Dark Matter Search experiment.

  • Synoptic

    Accelerator Controls' Synoptic Displays project. Graphical representation of real-time data from the accelerator control system.

  • Tester

    Redmine Documentation

  • The Privilege Project

    A library that that supports client and server use of the XACML authorization profile for grid interoperability. The library uses opensaml for marshalling and obligation handling framework, and axis for SOAP messaging.

  • toy-mt-framework

    A testing facility for evaluation of various multithreading tools, for use in a HEP event processing framework.


    TRACE is yet another logging (time stamp) tool, but it allows fast and/or slow logging (or tracing) - dynamically (you choose).

    There are, as with other loggers, several different logging macros that can be used.
    There are streamer style macros for C++ and printf style macros for C/C++....

  • TrajCluster

    TrajCluster reconstruction for LArTPC

  • uBooNE DAQ

    MicroBooNE Data Acquisition system development and software repository.

    • uBooNECRTSlowMon

      MicroBooNE's Cosmic Ray Tagger Slow Control Monitor Interface Script

      This package is used to retrieve live status from the MicroBooNE Cosmic Ray Tracker' InfluxDB time series database and transfer that status to the MicroBooNE master slow controls system....

    • uBooNE slowmon analysis

      Tools for analyzing data from the MicroBooNE slow monitoring and control system.

  • uBooNE Offline

    Project to hold MicroBooNE analysis information.

    • To obtain permission to use this site:
      1) Log onto redmine with your Services Account
      2) Let us know when you are online...
  • uBoone Operations

    MicroBooNE Operations, shifter instructions, shift schedule, etc.

  • US-NA61

    The NA61/SHINE experiment is a fixed target TPC tracking spectrometer experiment at CERN. A group involved in neutrino experiments at Fermilab is exploring collaboration with NA61 in order to measure hardon production spectra in proton+A collisions at energies relevant for constraining the fluxes produced by Fermilab neutrino beamlines....

  • Patrol

    Scripts stored in /etc/patrol/bin repository

  • XOC

    The eXperiment Operations Center at Fermilab.

    • ROC-DynamicDisplays

      The software implementation of the Dynamic Displays system. This system is used in the ROC-West (neutrino experiments), the ROC-East (CMS), WH2E, WH8W, WH12W (Neutrino Division), Site 38 (FESS), MINOS, and elsewhere.

      Important Note: The GIT repository has been officially moved to (June 24, 2020)...


    Notes about the machine

  • Distributed Computing Support

    Distributed Computing Support (formerly: User Support for Distributed Computing)

  • DSG Documentation

    Develop group documentation platform

  • MongoDB for Artdaq-utilities database

    This subproject is for tracking a use case for MongoDB service for
    the Artdaq utilities database.

    Contact persons on the application side are:

    "William Badgett" <>
    "lukhanin" <>
    "artdaq-developers" <>...

  • DUNE Upstream DAQ

    - FELIX
    - Co-processor/(PBM) Processing & Buffering Module
    - Associated firmware/software (comm libs, but not BE software aka artdaq)
    - Trigger Primitive Generation to Data Selection
    - Trigger matching; request/response mechanism to Event Builders....

  • fluxcheck

    This package check some backs entries in the g4numi flux files.

  • Private testbed at CERN

    While waiting for resource available at Fermilab, I have set up a dbtests VM in my personal project in CERN OpenStack.
    As this VM will eventually go away, I create a separate sub-project for experimenting on this temporary testbed.

  • MongoDB

    Collect information and get experience managing MongoDB.
    Get aquaint with NoSQL databases.

  • GlideinWMS

    The glideinWMS Workflow Management System

    • GlideinWMS Release Manager

      Project to handle the release process for the glideinWMS project

    • gwms-cloud-vms

      Code to kickstart and launch pilots for virtual machines on the cloud, as well as kickstart and configuration files for the VMs themselves.

  • MuonMonitorML

    The main goal of this project is to build Machine Learning tools to predict useful information for NOvA experiment by using NuMI beamline muon monitor signals.


    Provide information on the high voltage hardware and software used for the DZero experiment at Fermilab. To learn more start with the Wiki.

  • onl_epics

    The final release of the onl_epics package. This package is also available from the DZero cvs repository.

  • PIP2IT/PIPII Machine protection System Development Work (MPS)

    PIP2IT/PIPII Machine Protection System design and development.

  • PIP-II Beam Physics

    PIP-II beam dynamics studies

  • PIPII Controls and Instrumentation

    PIP-II Controls and Instrumentation developments, with Scientific Computing Division, in hardware interfaces, firmware, and software.


    PIP-II Machine Protection System developments, with Scientific Computing Division, in hardware interfaces, firmware, and software.

  • project-py

    The current “” script that is used by the liquid argon community to run analysis workflows, is actually a suite of python based scripts and libraries designed specifically to submit, monitor, and perform bookkeeping for LarSoft based physics analysis and simulation jobs. The redesign of the “” infrastructure is to better meet the needs of the LAr community and the technical constraints and operational parameters of the Fermilab computing facilities, such as data storage and I/O....

  • rfsoc

    Development of firmware, software, and hardware for use with Xilinx RFSoC systems.

  • Rucio BDE

    This project is part of the task: BDE and Rucio Integration. It provides support for data transfer using BDE workflow.

  • Spack Infrastructure

    Provide a common packaging and distribution system based on Spack; replacing the UPS based infrastructure in the Scientific Computing Division and Experiments.

  • Superconducting Quantum Computing

    This project contains data related to superconducting quantum computing experiment at Applied Physics and Superconducting Technology Division

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