Repository related to xelda data and analysis, including slow control and daq stuff. There is a top level directory, xelda-code, which has nothing in it. There are three sub repositories, daqman, slow-control, and analysis. If you click on the Repository tab, you can find each of them in a little menu to the right.

To copy the code to a local area on your machine or nobledaq, use:

git clone ssh:///cvs/projects/xelda-code-<project-name>

where <project-name> is daqman, slow-control, or analysis, depending on what you're doing. This will create a directory called xelda-code-<project-name> in your area. You can also create a directory for the repository by adding a <dir-name> as an argument at the end fo the line.

A cheatsheet (from Richard Saldanha) on how to use git (and feel free to ask) is on the docdb:

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