Slow Controls Archiving

This page lists procedures for checking the slow controls archiver.

Checking the status of the archiver

From the shifter's Firefox session, go to and you should see the following page.

DCS Archiver Status page at VST

Check that the state is running and that the last written time is current (you may need to refresh the page). The number of disconnected channels should not be greater than 348. If something is not as it should be, and if no work is being done, email Ivan.

Restarting the archiver


If you are instructed to restart the archiver, the easiest way to do so is by opening Firefox and going to http://localhost:4812/restart. In a minute or so, it should be back up and running. You can check the status by going to the /main page mentioned above. If this doesn't work, see below.


If you are unable to restart the archiver using the webpage,
  1. Make sure EPICS and CSS are running.
  2. Login as sbnddcs account and enter the following commands:
    cd archiver
    screen -list
    screen -r 11026.archiver 
    ctrl-a d
  3. Check that the archiver is running by using the webpage above. If there are problems, contact Ivan.