Complete Guide and Reference Manual for UPS and UPD

  Table of Contents

At the beginning of each chapter is a detailed list of the contents of that chapter.

  Chapter 1: Quick! I Just Want to ...

  Chapter 2: Overview of UPS and UPD

  Chapter 3: UPS Operations for the End User

  Chapter 4: Product Installation Basics

  Chapter 5: Finding Information about Products using UPD

  Chapter 6: Installing Products Using UPD

  Chapter 7: Installing Products Using tar

  Chapter 8: Installing Products using FTP on a UPD Distribution Node

  Chapter 9: Product Installation: Special Cases

  Chapter 10: Troubleshooting UPS Product Installations

  Chapter 11: Maintaining a UPS Database

  Chapter 12: UPS and UPD Pre-install Issues and General Administration

  Chapter 13: Providing Access to AFS Products -- Obsolete

  Chapter 14: Installing UPS and UPD from Bootstrap

  Chapter 15: Automatic UPS Product Startup and Shutdown

  Chapter 16: UPS Product Development: General Considerations

  Chapter 17: Building UPS Products

  Chapter 18: Making Products Available For Distribution

  Chapter 19: Using template_product - Obsolete

  Chapter 20: Checklist for Building and Distributing Products

  Chapter 21: Product Distribution Server Configuration

  Chapter 22: Configuration of the fnkits Product Distribution Node

  Chapter 23: UPS Command Reference

  Chapter 24: UPD Command Reference

  Chapter 25: Generic Command Option Descriptions

  Chapter 26: UPS/UPD Command Usage

  Chapter 27: Product Instance Matching in UPS/UPD Commands

  Chapter 28: Information Storage Format in Database and Configuration Files

  Chapter 29: Version Files

  Chapter 30: Chain Files

  Chapter 31: The UPS Configuration File

  Chapter 32: The UPD Configuration File

  Chapter 33: The UPP Subscription File -- Obsolete

  Chapter 34: Actions and ACTION Keyword Values

  Chapter 35: Functions used in Actions

  Chapter 36: Table Files

  Chapter 37: Scripts You May Need to Provide with a Product

  Chapter 38: Use of Compile Scripts in Table Files

  Chapter 39: Creating and Formatting Man Pages -- Obsolete