Testing new setups* scripts

To test new setups* scripts:

  • make backups of your .bash_profile, .profile, .login, .shrc, and .cshrc files.
  • Change occurances in your .bash_profile, .profile, .login, .shrc, .cshrc files from:
    /afs/ (or .csh)
    /afs/ (or .csh)
  • ssh into your account from another window, (to make sure it works well enough that you can back it out)
  • if the ssh fails
    • put a "set -x" in your .bash_profile, .profile, .bashrc
    • try the ssh again and save the output
    • back out the changes to .bash_profile, .profile, .bashrc, etc.
    • and report failure and output to
  • Otherwise proceed with usual activities, report any problems to