Scisoft/fnkits Replacement Proposal (UberKits)


Currently there are two major platforms for distributing built ups products at Fermilab:

  • (via upd)
  • (vi web browser+tar or getManifestList/getProductList scripts)

This proposal plans to combine them into a single, new, service that supports both mechanisms
of distribution.

System overview

The new UberKits system would internally store packages in one or more Unified layout ups area(s), and provide products either via a unification of upd/getManifestList/getProductList , or via web browser download. Packages could also be easily rsync-ed into CVMFS distribution nodes directly from UberKits. Furthermore, we could provide a service to pull packages from the build cluster into UberKits, so users could have the software immediately available.

For security, access to packages could be via https with either Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication, or for scripts via SSO or grid certificate access.

A few simple cgi-scripts could provide the same view that Scisoft currently gives of packages for experiment distributions, etc.

The products areas on UberKits could also be exported to other systems via NFS; which could provide a superset of the the current /grid/fermiapp/products area for the gpvm cluster.

Distribution script

We would put together a simple single script, which could fetch a static package list, fetch a package list via a ups.cgi script (like upd) , or use an already downloaded package list like the current getManifestList/getProductList) Many current upd features (i.e. proprietary product support) could be dropped and instead various packages could have restricted web access via standard web facilities (i.e. .htaccess files) if needed.


The new system could be deployed on a VM using BlueArc storage, (as fnkits currently does) and once migrated the old storage from fnkits could be released back to the BlueArc maintainers.