It's hard to articulate...
I think "the beginnings of a few of things..."
1. Some call it "relocatable ups"
It's a "setup" script coupled with a ups db where PROD_DIR_PREFIX
is set to ${UPS_THIS_DB} (in .upsfiles/dbconfig).
This allow a person to tar up a "ups" area from one place and
untar it in another, then source the "setup" script (from either
shell (ie. bash or tcsh)) and have ups. No other install/configure.
Products inside must be relocatable. Most are, out of the box. And
of the ones that aren't, most of those can easily be made to be.
2. a script which helps tell the flavor of files on disk.
I think I made a mistake not having the "--ups" option to this
script be the default ... I think, for the most part you'll want to
try " --ups <dir>" and this will check the files in the
directory and (try to :) tell you what the flavor should be.
I don't recall much, if any, testing on other then the x86 (32/64bit)
3. There's a script that uses the above and (yet another)
attempt at a generic table file which will try to help one declare
at product --- it prints out a couple of commands to use.


Marc W. Mengel wrote, On 04/30/10 16:11:

My additions are:

  • better default flavor on non-default platforms -- i.e
    linux on i386 -> Linux
    linux on ppc -> Linuxppc
    SunOS on sparc -> SunOS
    SunOS on i386 -> SunOSi386
  • -. option, which is a shorthand for
    -r `pwd` -M ups -m ${UPS_PRODUCT}.table
    so if you're sitting in a ups product directory you can do
    setup -. product
    ups start -. product

Ron -- your turn...

Laurelin of Middle Earth wrote:

Yes? Waiting to hear the new options, please...

Thus spaketh Lynn Garren on 4/28/2010 5:15 PM:

Ron Rechenmacher and Marc Mengel have some improvements for ups. We've made them available in ups v4_8_0, which is now available for

Existing functionality should remain unchanged.

I'll let them tell you about the new options.