Release v4_9_4

This release has one major new feature, and a few bugfixes


We've added the -B flag, which affects dependencies heavily, to wit:

  • having different branches of the dependency tree end in different
    instances of the same product is an error
  • setting up something that differs in version, etc. from what you
    already have setup is an error (you must do an unsetup first
    to switch versions)
  • dependencies which are already setup are not unsetup/resetup
    by setting up something which depends on them.
  • ups depend shows all the branches of dependencies, rather than
    suppressing later mentions of the same product.

This flag can be set in the envrionment variable UPS_OVERRIDE, which
means it affects all ups commands.


  • ups used to list things multiple times if given a -H option with
    a list of flavors, it no longer does.
  • various parts of the ups test suite were printing mismatch errors