Lessons Learned for PRJ0013368

  • The project went well overall, with 10 assocated PRJTASK's
    • PRJTASK creation was easy and effective
    • PROTASKs are listed under the PRJ in Service Now with status and percent complete, a nice overview !
    • PRJTASK update mail is not sent to the posting party.
      • Worked around this by adding my gmail address to the watch lists.
  • Schedule adjustments
    • The project was initiated Oct 10, with a completion target Nov 1.
      • Nov 1 was not a hard deadline.
      • About a week to get feedback from non-SCD users
      • About a week to deal with inconsistent content in FNKITS
      • About a week to work on broken symlinks
      • About 2 weeks to design, implement and deploy Enstore SFA archives.
Date completed Task Work
Oct 18 - Project definition
Oct 27 PRJTASK0054150 archive on disk
Oct 27 PRJTASK0054492 host registration cleanup
Nov 2 PRJTASK0056694 licensed product retirement
Nov 3 PRJTASK0056737 unsuppored flavor retirement
Nov 16 PRJTASK0054500 unused version retirement
Nov 23 PRJTASK0054291 Enstore SFA archive