Bootstrap v3 0

The bootstrap process is now much simpler. Simply go to: and download the appropriate compressed tar image(s) for your system.

Note that there are two layouts of tarfile available, the "traditional" layout with separate database (db), product (prd), and setup (etc) subdirectories, or the "unified"layout with all three of these directories overlaid at the top level.

Then simply:

  • Make an empty directory wherever you would like, (mkdir foo)
  • unpack the tar file (or multiple tarfiles with the same layout) in that directory,
    (cd foo; tar xzvf ../ups_bootstrap_unified_v5_0_4_Linux+2.tar.gz)
  • source the or etc/ script in bash,

and you have a new products area where you can install other packages with upd, or with the unified layout, overlay other unified layout tarfiles, to install pacakges.