AFS changes

This document describes the issues being encountered with the AFS home area login scripts, their impact on the intensity frontier experiments, the details of how they work, and a proposed correction.


  • AFS accounts do a standard ups setup from 15 years ago.
  • This puts AFS products in $PRODUCTS
  • These products can confuse things for IF experimenters, as the AFS products has various packages declared current which conflict with the preferred experiment versions of packages, causing compilation and runtime errors if included.

Implementation details:

  • login scripts source /afs/[c]sh
  • setups scripts use /afs/ to set $PRODUCTS
  • then .profile/.login does "setup login"
  • then .shrc/cshrc does "setup shrc"
  • setups scripts are in need of update (i.e to work with 64bit only systems)

Proposed Change:

  • New setups script will support "better" upsdb_list, actually a setproducts.table table file (Feature #3408)
  • Will configure /afs/ so on systems with /grid/fermiapp only set PRODUCTS=/grid/fermiapp/products/common rather than the current PRODUCTS=/afs/
  • /grid/fermiapp/common will have minimal login/shrc products
  • /grid/fermiapp/common will have xxx products for various experiments xxx, which will source an experiment owned setup script in the experiment's product area, as well as an afsproducts product to get the AFS products area.

Thus when you login to an experiment system, you should be able to do setup nova or setup minerva, etc. to get the right environment, and you only get the AFS product areas if you setup afsproducts.


We recommend that we pursue the changes detailed above to the setups scripts, which will allow us to make the login scripts for the AFS home areas sensitive to the system from which they are being used in a manner that allows the intenisty frontier experiments to avoid package conflicts with the AFS products area. We request experimenters and developers to review this overview and report any concerns back to us.