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Michael Kirby, 05/30/2014 10:49 AM

Welcome to the MicroBooNE offline software project.

For now there's no pubic build. You must download the uBooNE code to your usual LArSoft test release area and build there. When we have lots more code we'll consider a nightly build and more administration.

Here are the instructions to use the uBooNE offline svn repository. If you only need the fcl files from ubfcl, for instance,
  • Go in your development area (where srcs/ and build/ live) and say svn co svn+ssh://, for example.
Now, if you only need the GENIEextractor part of the repository, you could do something like this...
  • Go in dirname say svn co svn+ssh://, for example.
  • cd include; and say ln -s ../GENIEextractor/ . (don't forget the dot) and then cd back to the top dirname.
  • gmake GENIEextractor.all, and construct your fcl file and run lar -c myjobscript.fcl as usual.
  • Be sure and svn ci -m "helpful comment" svn+ssh:// GENIEextractor and svn update svn+ssh:// frequently.
  • You can export (bash) setenv (csh) CVSROOT to svn+ssh:///cvs/projects/ubooneoffline/ or svn+ssh:///cvs/projects/larsoftsvn/trunk/ as you work with each repository and thus not need to spell it out each time, if you find that to be less unwieldy.
Alternatively, if you want to set up a directory for you to put in and share lots of stuff, we recommend doing this:
  • Go in to your test release (dirname) and do svn co svn+ssh://
  • Add a directory for yourself in the users area. If your username is bluebeard, do: cd ubooneoffline; svn mkdir users/bluebeard; svn update
  • Now, put your pirate treasure in your directory! To put it in the repository, do: svn add pirate_treasure; svn commit -m 'arrrr!' pirate_treasure
  • Put your code here!
Another way to add a package from ubooneoffline to larsoft test release

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