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h1. Welcome to the MicroBooNE offline software project.

Here are the instructions to use the uBooNE offline svn repository. repository here.
* Go setup yourself up to work with LArSoft as instructed at @
* Make yourself a test release in the usual way, @newrel -t development dirname@.
* Now @cd dirname@ and say @svn co svn+ssh://, for example.
* @cd include@; and say @ln -s ../GENIEextractor/ .@ (don't forget the dot) and then cd back to the top dirname.
* gmake GENIEextractor.all, and construct your fcl file and run @lar -c myjobscript.fcl@ as usual.
* Be sure and @svn ci -m "helpful comment" svn+ssh:// GENIEextractor@ and @svn update svn+ssh:// frequently.
* You can export (bash) setenv (csh) CVSROOT to svn+ssh:// or svn+ssh:// as you work with each repository and thus not need to spell it out each time, if you find that to be less unwieldy.

Someday we'll make this user friendlier. Those steps include
# editing the appropriate cvsroot file under $SRT_DIST/packages
# making a setup/packages-development with each new uBooNE offline package itemized
# spending a day to make it all work, at which point addpkg_svn will be available and obviate the need to make the link and to fully specify the cumbersome svn+shh://repository path.
# Feel free, uBooNE collaborator to do those, or other things....