Various E-Fields

Data taking at various high voltage settings

There are some SAM definitions for using these ("good") runs :

1) cosmic_HV58kV_14mVfC_1us_jaz8600_v1
2) cosmic_HV70kV_14mVfC_1us_jaz8600_v1
3) cosmic_HV70kV_14mVfC_1us_PMTON_jaz8600_v1

these are described here:

How to Change the Electric Field in the Simulation

To change the electric field in the simulation you will need to change the variable found in:



microboone_properties.Electronlifetime: 3.0e3
microboone_properties.Efield:           [0.5,0.666,0.8]  #(predicted for microBooNE, -128kV)        

For the current -70 kV configuration you'll want to use:

 services.user.LArProperties.Efield:           [0.2734,0.526,0.79] #At -70kV

If you want to set this in your fcl files you will need to change these parameters when you run the LArG4, DetSim, and Reco steps, and to do that you will need to add:

services.user.LArProperties.Efield:           [0.5,0.666,0.8]  #(predicted for microBooNE, -128kV) 


 services.user.LArProperties.Efield:           [0.2734,0.526,0.79] #At -70kV

to the bottom of your fcl file.

Ready to use example!

You can also find a useful re-simming fchl file here:


This will take a generator or G4 level file and replace it with a fresh electric field simulation and update the MCShowers and MCTracks. You'll want to make sure that you are studying the charge on the planes though, because the underlying generated event won't be changed only the propagated ionization electrons.

For a sample of electrons or photons (50 MeV - 250 MeV, isotropic, single particle) which have been re-simed you can look here:


It contains LArSoft and LArLite files (labeled as such) but you will need to checkout feature branches to access all the relevant information (specifically the PlaneCharge and the dQdx which quantifies the charge present at each of the wire planes):


The branch is called 'feature/newMCShower’

LArSoft: You’ll have to checkout three repositories (these might need to be merged with develop)

‘lardata’ the branch is called ‘feature/zennamo_MCShowerdEdx’
‘larsim’ the branch is called ‘feature/zennamo_MCShowerdEdx’
‘uboonecode’ the branch is called ‘feature/zennamo_MCShowerdEdx’