In general, the most up to date sources of information about MicroBooNE computing can be found on the uboonecode wiki.

Initialize the MicroBooNE software development environment by sourcing the experiment setup script. On MicroBooNE gpcf login nodes (uboonegpvmXX), source the initialization scirpt located in the /grid/fermiapp filesystem.

source /grid/fermiapp/products/uboone/

or for csh-family shells:
source /grid/fermiapp/products/uboone/setup_uboone.csh

On a non-gpcf system with the oasis cvmfs filesystem mounted, source the cvmfs initialization script.

source /cvmfs/

For other situations, including how to install the MicroBooNE environment on a computer you manage (including your personal desktop or laptop), refer to this article on the uboonecode wiki.

Once ups is initialized, the full MicroBooNE software development environment is initialized by setting up a selected version of ups product uboonecode.

setup uboonecode v04_03_01 -q e7:debug    # Debug version
setup uboonecode v04_03_01 -q e7:prof     # Optimized version