NuMI Flux Histograms

New files

The NuMI flux histograms for uBooNE are located here for the neutrino mode:


and here for the anti-neutrino mode:


The files contain:
  • neutrino flux (numuFluxHisto, anumuFluxHisto, nueFluxHisto, anueFluxHisto)
  • neutrino flux times GENIE cross section spline for numu CC interactions only (nuCCHisto)
  • the GENIE spline used (tot_cc)

Histograms go from 0 to 20 GeV with a binning of 50 MeV. They are scaled to 6e20 POT. The units are cm^-2.
For now, they are only available for neutrino mode and with the detector positioned at 470m.

The code used to generate those histograms and instructions on how to use it are on github:
A document is available on docdb 8804.
GENIE cross-sections splines are taken from this file:

source /nusoft/app/externals/setup
setup genie_xsec R-2_8_0 -q default

Older files

The flux histograms for uBooNE are located:


From the readme.txt file in that directory:

  • mn000z200i and mn000z-200i are neutrino and anti-neutrino runs with NOvA beam configuration
  • each ntuple is 500000POT
  • histograms directory has the flux histograms at several locations along the BNB beamline
  • from Geoff's email coordinates in BNB and NuMI systems (z along the respective beamline):
    Det.Loc. BNB (x,y,z) NuMI (x,y,z)
    470m (0.0, 0.0, 470) (53.,76.,679.)
    700m (0.0, 0.0, 700) (-35.,88.,891.)
    950m (0.0, 0.0, 950) (-133,102.,1120.)
  • histogram normalization:
    hFlux = neutrinos/50MeV/m^2/10^6POT
    hCC = CC interactions/50MeV/6*10^20 POT/70t
  • cross section for CC histogram is coming from GENIE (total CC cross section nu_XX_Ar40/tot_cc):
    gspl2root -f /grid/fermiapp/nova/aux/gxspl-NUMI-R2.6.0.xml -p 14 -t 1000180400 -o genie_argon_xsec.root -e 10
    gspl2root -f /grid/fermiapp/nova/aux/gxspl-NUMI-R2.6.0.xml -p -14 -t 1000180400 -o genie_argon_xsec.root -e 10
    gspl2root -f /grid/fermiapp/nova/aux/gxspl-NUMI-R2.6.0.xml -p 12 -t 1000180400 -o genie_argon_xsec.root -e 10
    gspl2root -f /grid/fermiapp/nova/aux/gxspl-NUMI-R2.6.0.xml -p -12 -t 1000180400 -o genie_argon_xsec.root -e 10
  • histograms generated up to 20GeV, however cross section was calculated only up to 10GeV, so ignore 10-20GeV in hCC histgrams