How to run NuMI MC

GSimple production

Neutrino mode

  • 779 files, each of 10e7 POT
  • location: /uboone/data/uboonebeam/numi_gsimple_fluxes_12.17.2015_470/gsimple*.root
  • info: mn000z200i_rp11_bs1.1_pnut_lowth_f11f093bbird

Anti-Neutrino mode

  • 934 files, each of 10e7 POT
  • location: /uboone/data/uboonebeam/numi_anumu_gsimple_fluxes_04.06.2017_470/gsimple*.root
  • info: mn000z-200i_rp11_bs1.1_pnut_lowth_f11f093bbird

GSimple ingredients

Basically GSimple needs 3 things to work: the definition of the flux window, the rotation matrix that allows to transform from NuMI to BNB (or uB) coordinates and the location of uBooNE detector in the NuMI coordinate system. Details instructions on how to setup the parameters can be found here:

  • The flux window we are currently using is:

    where the coordinate system shown is the uB one. The black line is a line that connects the NuMI target and the uB Detector. The three points that define the windows are (see GSimple instructions):
    p1 = (5,-5,-35)
    p2 = (-5, 2, -35)
    p3 = (5, -5, 20)
  • The NUMI coordintate -> BNB (or uB) coordinates rotation matrix is:
        <beamdir type="newxyz">
          [   0.921228671    0.0226872648   0.388359401  ]
          [   0.00136256111  0.998103714   -0.061539578  ]
          [  -0.389019125    0.0572211871   0.919450845  ]
  • The location of uBooNE detector in NUMI coordinates is:
       uBdet_NuMI = ( 54.499, 74.461,  677.611) 

Coordinate transformation

If x_NuMI is a vector in NuMI coordinates, then the same vector in uB detector coordinates can be obtained via:

x_uB = R . (x_NuMI - uBdet_NuMI)

where R is the rotation matrix described above.

How to run GSimple

  • To submit jobs:
    source /nusoft/app/alt/setup
    setup gsimple v2_8_6c -q debug:e7
    export PRODUCTS=${PRODUCTS}:/grid/fermiapp/products/common/db
    setup jobsub_client
    export GROUP=uboone
    jobsub_submit -g --group $GROUP -N 1000 file://${GSIMPLE_DIR}/scripts/ -r  uboone_numi.request -R /uboone/app/users/mdeltutt/gsimple_gen -V v2_8_6c -q debug:e7 -x 0

GENIE generation

In file: /srcs/uboonecode/uboone/EventGenerator/GENIE/genie_microboone.fcl make the following change

microboone_genie_simple_numi.FluxFiles:      ["uboonebeam/numi_gsimple_fluxes_12.17.2015_470/gsimple*.root"]