Gallery evd

This event display is built on the same python tools as the larlite display, but uses gallery instead of larlite to read data files. Therefore it natively supports reading of larsoft artroot files, and does not support larlite.

There is a prebuilt, working version on the gpvm. Source the script /uboone/app/users/cadams/static_evd/ to begin. Then, run -u (or -t for truncated files) to use the display. There is an option to also run the noise filter if you click the check box under Raw Digit.

The 3D display also works, but X11 forward is buggy if you are on mac. Both the 2D and 3D display work well through a VNC. You can install the display on your laptop by installing from this repository:

However, you need qt and PyQt to make this work (same as the larlite evd). Since microboone files are so large, running on a laptop is prohibitively painful anyways and most users will probably use the gpvm.